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Trajectory Management
  • Integrated Time-Based Management and Performance-Based Navigation Design for Trajectory-Based Operations

    Authors: Roland M. Sgorcea, Lesley A. Weitz, Ryan W. Huleatt (MITRE), Ian M. Levitt & Robert E. Mount (FAA)  
  • Enroute Traffic Overflows versus Arrival Management Delays

    Authors: Raphaël Christien, Eric Hoffman & Karim Zeghal (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Using Machine-Learning to Dynamically Generate Operationally Acceptable Strategic Reroute Options

    Author: Antony D. Evans (Crown Consulting) & Paul U. Lee (NASA)  
  • Analysis of Safety Performances for Parallel Approach Operations with Performance-based Navigation

    Authors: Stanley Förster, Hartmut Fricke (TU Dresden), Bruno Rabiller, Brian Hickling, Bruno Favennec & Karim Zeghal (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Modelling Go-Around Occurrence

    Authors: Lu Dai, Yulin Liu & Mark Hansen (UC Berkeley)  
  • What is the Potential of a Bird Strike Advisory System?

    Authors: Isabel C. Metz (DLR & TU Delft), Thorsten Mühlhausen (DLR), Joost Ellerbroek (TU Delft), Dirk Kügler (DLR) & Jacco M. Hoekstra (TU Delft)  
  • Development of a Collision Avoidance Validation and Evaluation Tool (CAVEAT): Addressing the Intrinsic Uncertainty in TCAS II and ACAS X

    Authors: Sybert Stroeve, Henk Blom (NLR), Carlos Hernandez Medel, Carlos García Daroca, Alvaro Arroyo Cebeira (everis) & Stanislaw Drozdowski (EUROCONTROL)  
  • EnAcT: Generating Aircraft Encounters using a Spherical Earth Model

    Authors: James A. Ritchie III, Andrew J. Fabian (FAA), Nidhal C. Bouaynaya (Rowan University) & Mike M. Paglione (FAA)  
  • Learning Real Trajectory Data to Enhance Conflict Detection Accuracy in Closest Point of Approach Problem

    Authors: Zhengyi Wang (ENAC), Man Liang (University of South Australia), Daniel Delahaye & Weilu Wu (ENAC)  
  • A Machine Learning Approach for Conflict Resolution in Dense Traffic Scenarios with Uncertainties

    Authors: Duc-Thinh Pham, Ngoc Phu Tran, Sameer Alam, Vu Duong (Nanyang Technological University) & Daniel Delahaye (ENAC)  
  • Guaranteed Conflict: When Speed Advisory doesn’t Work for Time-based Flow Management

    Authors: Xiyuan Ge (University of Washington), Minghui Sun & Cody Fleming (University of Virginia)  
  • Automation for Separation with CDOs: Dynamic Aircraft Arrival Routes

    Authors: Raúl Sáez, Xavier Prats (UPC), Tatiana Polishchuk, Valentin Polishchuk & Christiane Schmidt (Linköping University)  
  • Cost Reductions enabled by Machine Learning in ATM

    Authors: Hartmut Helmke, Matthias Kleinert, Jürgen Rataj (DLR), Petr Motlicek (Idiap), Christian Kern (Austro Control), Dietrich Klakow (Saarland University) & Petr Hlousek (Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic)  
  • Characterizing National Airspace System Operations Using Automated Voice Data Processing

    Authors: Shuo Chen, Hunter Kopald, Rob Tarakan, Gaurish Anand & Karl Meyer (MITRE)  
  • Clustering Aircraft Trajectories on the Airport Surface

    Author: Andrew Churchill & Michael Bloem (Mosaic)  
  • Identifying Anomalies in past en-route Trajectories with Clustering and Anomaly Detection Methods

    Author: Xavier Olive & Luis Basora (ONERA)  
  • Data-Driven Precursor Detection Algorithm for Terminal Airspace Operations

    Authors: Raj Deshmukh, Dawei Sun & Inseok Hwang (Purdue University)  
  • Predicting and Analyzing US Air Traffic Delays using Passenger-centric Data-sources

    Authors: Philippe Monmousseau, Daniel Delahaye (ENAC), Aude Marzuoli & Eric Feron (Georgia Institute of Technology)  
  • Causal Demand Modelling for Applications in En Route Air Traffic Management

    Author: Ivan Tereshchenko & Mark Hansen (UC Berkeley)  
Integrated Airport/Airside Operations
  • Field Evaluation of the Baseline Integrated Arrival, Departure, and Surface Capabilities at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

    Authors: Yoon C. Jung, William J. Coupe, Al Capps, Shawn Engelland & Shivanjli Sharma (NASA)  
  • Assessment of the Airport Operational Dynamics Using a Multistate System Approach

    Authors: Álvaro Rodríguez-Sanz, José Manuel Cordero (CRIDA), Beatriz Rubio Fernández, Fernando Gómez Comendador & Rosa Arnaldo Valdés (UPM)  
  • A Comparative Analysis of Departure Metering at Paris (CDG) and Charlotte (CLT) Airports

    Authors: Sandeep Badrinath, Hamsa Balakrishnan (MIT), Ji Ma & Daniel Delahaye (ENAC)  
  • Departure Management with Robust Gate Allocation

    Authors: Ruixin Wang, Cyril Allignol, Nicolas Barnier & Jean-Baptiste Gotteland (ENAC)  
  • Impact of Stochastic Delays, Turnaround Time and Connection Time on Missed Connections at Low Cost Airports

    Authors: Hasnain Ali, Yash Guleria, Sameer Alam, Vu N. Duong (Nanyang Technological University) & Michael Schultz (DLR)  
Network and Strategic Flow Management
  • A Novel Air Traffic Flow Management Model to Optimise the Network Delay

    Authors: Sergio Ruiz, Hamid Kadour & Peter Choroba (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Operational Concept of Traffic Pattern Classifier for Optimal Ground Holding

    Author: Adriana Andreeva-Mori & Naoki Matayoshi (JAXA)  
  • Airway Network Flow Management using Braess’s Paradox

    Authors: Qing Cai, Chunyao Ma, Sameer Alam, Vu N. Duong (Nanyang Technological University) & Banavar Sridhar (NASA)  
  • Strategic Flight Cancellation under Ground Delay Program Uncertainty

    Authors: Christine Taylor, Shin-Lai Tien, Erik Vargo & Craig Wanke (MITRE)  
  • Optimizing Successive Airspace Configurations with a Sequential A* Algorithm

    Author: David Gianazza (ENAC)  
  • Modelling and Simulation for Reliable LTEbased Communications in the National Airspace System

    Authors: Izabela Gheorghisor, Angela Chen, Leonid Globus, Timothy Luc & Phillip Schrader (MITRE)  
  • Sense and Avoid Characterization of the Independent Configurable Architecture for Reliable Operations of Unmanned Systems

    Authors: Maria Consiglio (NASA), Brendan Duffy & Swee Balachandran (National Institute of Aerospace), Louis Glaab & César Muñoz (NASA)  
  • Optimizing Collision Avoidance in Dense Airspace using Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Authors: Sheng Li (Stanford University), Maxim Egorov (Airbus) & Mykel J. Kochenderfer (Stanford University)  
  • A Geometric Approach Towards Airspace Assessment for Emerging Operations

    Authors: Parker D. Vascik (MIT), Vishwanath Bulusu (UC Berkeley), Jungwoo Cho (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) & Valentin Polishchuk (Linköping University)  
  • Extraction and Interpretation of Geometrical and Topological Properties of Urban Airspace for UAS Operations

    Author: Jungwoo Cho & Yoonjin Yoon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)  
  • Density-Adapting Layers towards PBN for UTM

    Authors: Vincent Duchamp (ENAC), Leonid Sedov & Valentin Polishchuk (Linköping University)  
  • Advanced Operational Procedure Design Concepts for Noise Abatement

    Authors: Jacqueline Thomas, Alison Yu, Clement Li, Pedro Manuel Maddens Toscano & R. John Hansman (MIT)  
  • Condensation Trails in Trajectory Optimization

    Author: Judith Rosenow & Hartmut Fricke (TU Dresden)  
  • Using Wind Observations from Nearby Aircraft to Update the Optimal Descent Trajectory in Real-time

    Authors: Ramon Dalmau, Xavier Prats (UPC) & Brian Baxley (NASA)  
Performance Analysis and Metrics
  • Statistical Model to Estimate the Benefit of Wake Turbulence Re-Categorization

    Authors: Nastaran Coleman, Dave Knorr & Almira Ramadani (FAA)  
  • Spacing and Pressure to Characterise Arrival Sequencing

    Authors: Raphaël Christien, Eric Hoffman & Karim Zeghal (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Vertical Efficiency in Descent Compared to Best Local Practices

    Authors: Pierrick Pasutto, Eric Hoffman & Karim Zeghal (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Time-Based Delivery Accuracy Requirements for Achieving Performance Based Navigation Objectives

    Authors: Matthew R. Pollock, Lesley A. Weitz, Jared A. Hicks & John M. Timberlake (MITRE)  
  • A Spectral Approach towards Analyzing Air Traffic Network Disruptions

    Authors: Max Z. Li, Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Hamsa Balakrishnan (MIT) & Kristyn Pantoja (Texas A&M University)  
  • Identifying the Sources of Flight Inefficiency from Historical Aircraft Trajectories

    Authors: Xavier Prats, Ramon Dalmau & Cristina Barrado (UPC)  
  • GLS Approaches using SBAS: a SBAS to GBAS Converter

    Authors: Thomas Dautermann, Thomas Ludwig, Robert Geister, Lutz Ehmke, Max Fermor (DLR), Matthew Bruce & Markus Schwendener (Flight Calibration Services)  
  • Direct Modelling of Flight Time Uncertainty as a Function of Flight Condition and Weather Forecast

    Author: Noboru Takeichi & Taiki Yamada (Tokyo Metropolitan University)  
  • Air Traffic Controller use of Interval Management during Terminal Area Metering

    Author: Randall Bone (MITRE)  
  • Reduced Separation in US Oceanic Airspace Benefits Analysis through Fast-Time Modelling

    Authors: Dan Howell, Rob Dean (Regulus) & Joseph Post (FAA)  
  • Benefits and Costs of ADS-B In Efficiency Applications in US Airspace Fast-Time Modelling Results and Preliminary Economic Analysis

    Authors: Dan Howell, Rob Dean & Gary Paull (Regulus)  
Human Factors
  • Analysis of Long Duration Eye-Tracking Experiments in a Remote Tower Environment

    Authors: Prithiviraj Muthumanickam, Aida Nordman (Linköping University), Lothar Meyer, Supathida Boonsong (LFV), Jonas Lundberg & Matthew Cooper (Linköping University)  
  • Validation of an Empiric Method for Safety Assessment of Multi Remote Tower

    Authors: Lothar Meyer, Maximilian Peukert, Billy Josefsson (LFV) & Jonas Lundberg (Linköping University)  
  • Solution Space Concept: Human-Machine Interface for 4D Trajectory Management

    Authors: Rolf Klomp, Rick Riegman, Clark Borst, Max Mulder & René van Paassen (TU Delft)  
  • Conformal Automation for Air Traffic Control using Convolutional Neural Networks

    Authors: Sjoerd van Rooijen, Joost Ellerbroek, Clark Borst & Erik-Jan van Kampen (TU Delft)  
Trajectory Prediction
  • Iterative Learning Control for Precise Aircraft Trajectory Tracking in Continuous Climb Operations

    Authors: Almudena Buelta, Alberto Olivares & Ernesto Staffetti (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)  
  • Predictive Distribution of the Mass and Speed Profile to Improve Aircraft Climb Prediction

    Author: Richard Alligier (ENAC)  
  • A Heuristic Algorithm for Aircraft 4D Trajectory Optimization Based on Bezier Curve

    Authors: Weibin Dai, Jun Zhang (National Key Lab of CNS/ATM), Daniel Delahaye (ENAC) & Xiaoqian Sun (National Key Lab of CNS/ATM)  
  • Evaluation of a Dynamic Weather-Avoidance Rerouting Tool in Adjacent-Center Arrival Metering

    Authors: Miwa Hayashi, Doug Isaacson & Huabin Tang (NASA)  
  • Model Predictive Control Approach to Storm Avoidance for Multiple Aircraft

    Authors: Dinesh B. Seenivasan, Alberto Olivares & Ernesto Staffetti (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)  
  • Advanced Quantification of Weather Impact on Air Traffic Management - Intelligent Weather Categorization with Machine Learning

    Authors: Stefan Reitmann (DLR), Sameer Alam (Nanyang Technological University) and Michael Schultz (DLR)  
  • Quantification of Weather Impact on Arrival Management

    Authors: Martin Steinheimer, Christian Kern & Markus Kerschbaum (Austro Control)  
  • Estimating Flow Rates in Convective Weather: A Simulation-Based Approach

    Author: James C. Jones & Yan Glina (MIT Lincoln Lab)  
  • An Approach to En-Route Sector Demand Prediction subject to Thunderstorms

    Authors: Alfonso Valenzuela, Antonio Franco, Damián Rivas (University of Seville), Daniel Sacher & Jürgen Lang (MeteoSolutions)  
Systems and Tools to Improve ATM Performance
  • Scheduling Improvements Following the Phase 1 Field Evaluation of the ATD-2 Integrated Arrival, Departure, and Surface Concept

    Authors: William J. Coupe, Hanbong Lee, Yoon Jung (NASA), Liang Chen (Moffett Technologies) & Isaac Robeson (Mosaic)  
  • Stochastic Tail Assignment under Recovery

    Authors: Yifan Xu, Sebastian Wandelt & Xiaoqian Sun (Beihang University)  
  • Accrued Delay Application in Trajectory-Based Operations

    Authors: Husni Idris (NASA), Christopher Chin (SGT) & Antony Evans (Crown Consulting)  
  • Alternative Resource Allocation Mechanisms for the Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP)

    Author: Alexander Estes (University of Minnesota) & Michael Ball (University of Maryland)