14th Seminar Papers

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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Urban and Advanced Air Mobility I
  • Safety risk posed to persons on the ground by commercial UAS-based services

    Author: Henk Blom & Chengpeng Jiang (TU Delft)  
  • Mid-air collisions with drones

    Authors: Hartmut Fricke, Stanley Foerster, Robert Bruehl (TU Dresden), William J. Austen (QuinetiQ) & Christoph Thiel (GfL)  
Complexity Science, Analytics and Big Data For ATM I
  • Reinforcement learning for traffic flow management decision support

    Authors: Christine Taylor, Erik Vargo, Emily Bromberg & Everett Carson (MITRE)  
  • Predicting arrival delays in the terminal area five hours in advance with machine learning

    Authors: Raphael Christien, Bruno Favennec, Pierrick Pasutto, Aymeric Trzmiel, Jerome Weiss & Karim Zeghal (EUROCONTROL)  
Network and Strategic Flow Optimisation
  • Probabilistic Complexity in support of Airspace Capacity Management Optimisation

    Authors: Danlin Zheng, Eva Puntero & Marta Sánchez Cidoncha (CRIDA)  
  • Airport Ground Holding with Hierarchical Control Objectives

    Authors: Christopher Chin, Max Li, Karthik Gopalakrishnan & Hamsa Balakrishnan (MIT)  
Urban and Advanced Air Mobility II
  • Air taxi flight performance modeling and application

    Authors: Robert Bruehl, Hartmut Fricke & Michael Schultz (TU Dresden)  
  • Ground risk vs. efficiency in urban drone operations

    Authors: Leonid Sedov, Valentin Polishchuk (Linköping University) & Vishwanath Bulusu (Crown Consulting)  
  • Protocol-based congestion management for advanced air mobility

    Authors: Christopher Chin, Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Hamsa Balakrishnan (MIT), Maxim Egorov & Antony Evans (Airbus UTM)  
Environment and Energy Efficiency
  • Spatial modeling of airport surface fuel burn for environmental impact analyses

    Authors: Sandeep Badrinath, James Abel, Hamsa Balakrishnan (MIT), Emily Joback & Tom Reynolds (MIT Lincoln Lab)  
  • Fuel-based flight inefficiency through the lens of different airlines and route characteristics

    Authors: Jovana Kuljanin, Jordi Pons-Prats & Xavier Prats (UPC)  
  • Fuel inefficiency characterisation and assessment due to early execution of top of descents

    Authors: Ramon Dalmau (EUROCONTROL), Junzi Sun (TU Delft) & Xavier Prats (UPC)  
Integrated Airport/ Airside Operations
  • Shadow evaluation of the ATD-2 phase 3 trajectory option set reroute capability in the north Texas metroplex

    Authors: William J. Coupe, Divya Bhadoria, Yoon Jung (NASA), Eric Chevalley (San Jose State University) & Greg Juro (Cavan)  
  • Estimating stochastic air transport process times using the fuzzy critical path method

    Authors: Ehsan Asadi, Wei Chen & Hartmut Fricke (TU Dresden)  
  • Real-time departure slotting in mixed-mode operations using deep reinforcement learning

    Authors: Duc-Thinh Pham, Li Long Chan, Sameer Alam (NTU Singapore) & Rainer Koelle (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Evaluation of UTM strategic deconfliction through end-to-end simulation

    Authors: Maxim Egorov, Antony Evans, Scot Campbell (Airbus UTM), Sebastian Zanlongo & Tyler Young (John Hopkins University)  
  • An integrated approach for dynamic capacity management service in U-space

    Authors: Yiwen Tang, Yan Xu, Gokhan Inalhan & Antonios Tsourdos (Cranfield University  
Economics, Finance and Policy
  • Flight prioritization and turnaround recovery

    Authors: Jan Evler, Michael Schultz & Hartmut Fricke (TU Desden)  
  • Measuring the resilience of airline operation networks

    Author: Ying Zhou & Yanjun Wang (Nanjing University )  
Trajectory Planning I
  • A framework to evaluate aircraft trajectory generation methods

    Authors: Xavier Olive, ONERA), Junzi Sun (TU Delft), Mayara Condé Rocha Murça (Aeronautics Institute of Technology) & Timothé Krauth (ZHAW)  
  • A fast and flexible emergency trajectory generator

    Authors: Raúl Sáez, Homeyra Khaledian, Xavier Prats (UPC), Andréas Guitart, Daniel Delahaye (ENAC) & Eric Feron (Georgia Institute of Technology)  
Complexity Science, Analytics and Big Data for ATM II
  • A machine learning approach to predict the evolution of air traffic flow management delay

    Authors: Ramon Dalmau, Brice Genestier, Camille Anoraud, Peter Choroba & Darren Smith (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Predicting air traffic congested areas with long short-term memory networks

    Authors: Loïc Shi-Garrier, Daniel Delahaye (ENAC) & Nidhal Bouaynaya (Rowan University)  
Policy II
  • Split incentive problem in the uptake of new ATM technology

    Authors: Saskia van der Loo, Christophe Heyndrickx & Eef Delhaye (TML)  
  • Exploring future UDPP concepts through computational behavioural economics

    Authors: David Mocholí, Rubén Alcolea & Ricardo Herranz (Nommon)  
Trajectory Planning II
  • Trajectory planning for mission survivability of autonomous vehicles in moderately to extremely uncertain environments

    Authors: Fanruiqi Zeng (GeorgiaTech), Husni R. Idris (NASA) and John-Paul Clarke (The University of Texas at Austin)  
  • Robust CDO trajectory planning under uncertainties in weather prediction

    Authors: Shumpei Kamo, Judith Rosenow, Hartmut Fricke (TU Dresden) & Manuel Soler (Universidad Carlos III)  
Complexity Science, Analytics and Big Data for ATM III
  • Early detection of night curfew infringements by delay propagation with neural networks

    Authors: Ramon Dalmau, Giuseppe Murgese, Yves de Wandeler, Ricardo Correira & Alan Marsden (EUROCONTROL)  
  • Having a bad day? Predicting high delay days in the National Airspace System

    Authors: Lu Dai, Mark Hansen (UC Berkeley), Michael Ball & David Lovell University of Maryland)  
Enhanced Surveillance and Navigation
  • Modeling of flight time prediction uncertainty for four-dimensional descent trajectory management

    Author: Noboru Takeichi & Ryota Hashimoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University)  
  • Leveraging local ADS-B transmissions to assess the performance of air traffic at general aviation airportsks

    Authors: Danae Mitkas, David Lovell (University of Maryland), Sandeep Venkatesh & Seth Young (Ohio State University)  
Safety, Resilience And Security
  • Fusion and analysis of data sources for assessing aircraft braking performance on non-dry runways

    Authors: Wenxin Zhang, Carter Tegen, Tejas Puranik, David Anvid, Rukmini Roy & Dimitri Mavris (Georgia Institute of Technology)  
  • Modeling and detecting anomalous safety events in approach flights using ADS-B data

    Authors: Alberto Bonifazi, Junzi Sun, Jacco Hoekstra (TU Delft) & Gerben van Baren (ILENT)  
Weather in ATM
  • Shortfall analysis of departure throughput during convective weather in complex airport regions

    Authors: Gabriele Enea, Margita Pawlak, Tom Reynolds (MIT Lincoln Lab), Dave Knorr & Martin Durbin (FAA)  
  • Wind profile estimation from aircraft derived data using Kalman Filters and Gaussian Process Regression

    Authors: Marius Marinescu, Alberto Olivares, Ernesto Staffetti (Rey Juan Carlos University) & Junzi Sun (TU Delft)  
  • Recommending strategic air traffic management initiatives in convective weather

    Authors: James Jones, Zach Ellenbogen & Yan Glina (MIT Lincoln Lab)  
  • Towards AI-based air traffic control

    Authors: Mudhakar Srivatsa, Raghu Ganti, Linsong Chu (IBM Research), Martin Christiansson, Sofia Rydell & Billy Josefsson (LFV)  
  • Towards conflict resolution with deep multi-agent reinforcement learning

    Authors: Ralvi Isufaj, David Aranega Sebastia & Miquel Angel Piera (UAB)  
  • Learning uncertainty parameters for tactical conflict resolution

    Authors: Sarah Degaugue, Jean-Baptiste Gotteland & Nicolas Durand (ENAC)  
Human Factors
  • Development and testing of a collaborative display for UAV traffic management and tower control

    Authors: Daan van Aken, Dominik Janisch & Clark Borst (TU Delft)  
  • Embodied multimodal interaction with a portable mixed reality-based digital tower

    Authors: Pallavi Mohan, Sameer Alam, Mohammed Nadirsha, Nimrod Lilith (NTU Singapore) & Åsa Svensson (LFV)  
  • Readback error detection by automatic speech recognition to increase ATM safety

    Author: Hartmut Helmke (DLR) et al  
ATM Performance Measurement and Management I
  • Equity within air transportation management – an analysis of inequity index for multi-stakeholders optimisation

    Authors: Marie Carré, Eric Nantier (Swiss), Séverine Durieux & Laurent Piétrac (Institut Pascal)  
  • Miles-in-trail restrictions and aviation system performance: Chicago O’Hare case study

    Author: Ke Liu & Mark Hansen (UC Berkeley)  
Aviation and the Pandemic I
  • Quantifying the impact of air travel on growth of COVID-19 pandemic in the United States

    Authors: Lu Dai, Ivan Tereshchenko & Mark Hansen (UC Berkeley)  
  • COVID-19: passenger boarding and disembarkation

    Authors: Michael Schultz (TU Dresden), Majid Soolaki, Elnaz Bakhshian (University College Dublin), Mostafa Salari (University of Calgary) & Jörg Fuchte (Diehl Aviation)  
Trajectory Prediction and Trajectory and Queue Management I
  • Data-driven analysis method for calculated time over in air traffic flow management

    Authors: Daichi Toratani, Yoichi Nakamura & Megumi Oka (ENRI)  
  • Evaluation of aircraft speed and wind modeling accuracy in automation for trajectory based operations

    Authors: Gabriele Enea, Michael McPartland & Timothy Bonin (MIT Lincoln Lab)  
ATM Performance Measurement and Management II
  • Feasibility study of free routing airspace operation over the North Pacific airspace

    Authors: Hiroko Hirabayashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University/ENRI), Mark Brown (ENRI) & Noboru Takeichi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)  
  • A machine learning-based framework for aircraft maneuver detection and classification

    Authors: Phuoc Dang, Phu Tran, Sameer Alam & Vu Duong (NTU Singapore)  
Aviation and the Pandemic II
  • On-line platform for the short-term prediction of risk of expansion of epidemics

    Author: Javier García Moreno (CRIDA) et al  
  • Modeling impacts of aviation mitigations & ATC delay on passenger COVID-19 infection risk

    Author: Richard DeLaura & Tom Reynolds (MIT Lincoln Lab)  
Trajectory Prediction and Trajectory and Queue Management II
  • Aircraft performance-optimized departure flights using traffic flow funnels

    Authors: Martin Lindner, Thomas Zeh, Hannes Braßel & Hartmut Fricke (TU Dresden)  
  • Aircraft Emergency Trajectory Design: A Fast Marching Method on a Triangular Mesh

    Authors: Lucas Ligny, Andréas Guitart, Daniel Delahaye (ENAC) & Banavar Sridhar (FAA)  
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic and U.S. Aviation: System Adaptation and Performance Impact

    Authors: Michael O. Ball (University of Maryland), Mark Hansen & Vanessa Li (Unversity of California, Berkeley), Dan Murphy (FAA), Vivek S. Ramanathan (Unversity of Maryland)