1st Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 1997. ISSN 2406-4068.

Note: All seminar content is provided on Google Drive.
If you have any issues accessing these files, please first ensure you are able to access Google Drive.

Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Conflict Detection and Resolution
  • URET Conflict Probe - Performanceand Benefits Assessment

    Author: Daniel Brudnicki  
  • Optimal Conflict Resolution: Theoryand Application

    Author: Nicolas Durand  
  • Conflict Probing and Resolution inthe Presence of Errors

    Author: Heinz Erzberger  
  • Conflict Detection andResolution

    Author: Ingrid Gerdes Mrs  
  • Harmonisation of HMI - the IntuitiveApproach

    Author: Graham Robert  
  • HMI for ATM Automation: a EuropeanStrategy Towards Technology and Human Factors Validation

    Author: Jorna Peter  
  • Human Factors in the ATM System DesignLife Cycle

    Author: Kirwan Barry  
  • Probabilistic versus GeometricConflict Probing

    Authors: Kremer H., Bakker  
  • ERATO: Cooperative Tools Based onCognitive Engineering

    Author: Leroux Marcel  
  • Surface movement advisor

    Author: Dennis R. Lawson Mr  
  • Decision Support Tools OceanicHIPS

    Authors: Price Andy, Meckiff Colin  
  • Design and FieldEvaluation of the Traffic Management Advisor

    Author: Swenson Harry  
  • MTCD/Conflict Probe

    Authors: Vink Alex, Beers Jos  
  • Using Air Ground Data Linkand Operator-Provided Planning Data to Improve ATM Decision Support SystemPerformance

    Author: Wanke Craig  
  • A Methodology and Initial ResultsSpecifying Requirements for Free Flight Transitions

    Author: Warren Anthony  
Airborne Separation Systems and Procedures
  • Operational Use ofASAS

    Author: Casaux Francis  
  • Human Factors in anAdvanced ATM System and Simulation Studies

    Author: M.Corker Kevin  
  • Initial Results of Investigation intoAutonomous Aircraft Concept (FREER-1)

    Author: Duong Vu  
  • Situation Awareness, FreeFlight Automation

    Author: Endsley Mica  
  • Integrated Human Centeredsystems Approach to the Development of Advanced Air Traffic ManagementSystem

    Author: Endsley Mica  
  • CDTI - ADS/BExperiments

    Author: Lindberg Lars  
  • Free Flight and SelfSeparation from the Flight Deck Perspective

    Author: Lozito Sandra  
  • Potential ADS-B/CDTICapabilities for Near Term Deployment

    Author: Mundra Anand  
  • The Cockpit Assistant System CASSY asan On-Board Player in the ATM Environment Univ. der Bundeswehr - M

    Author: Reiner Onken Dr.-Ing.  
  • Hybrid Control Issues inAir traffic Management Systems

    Author: Sastry Shankar  
  • Operational Requirements of ASASfrom an Airline Perspective

    Authors: Juenemann Karlheinz, Wigger Burkard  
ATM Performance Indicators
  • Workload Implications of Free FlightConcepts

    Authors: Andrews John, Welch Jerry  
  • Modelling the other Half of the Flow

    Author: Steve Bradford Mr  
  • An Experimental Study of ATMCapacity

    Author: Bosc Jean-François  
  • CNS/ATM Focus TeamResults:A Global Review of ATM System ModernizationOptions

    Author: Haraldsdottir Aslaug  
  • ATC Economics

    Author: Hustache Jean-Claude  
  • Modeling the Capacity andEconomic Effects of ATM Technology

    Author: Kostiuk Peter  
  • Evaluating the Cost of ASM/ATFMMeasures

    Author: Manchon Serge  
  • Airport TrafficModelling

    Author: Polak Frits  
  • ATM PerformanceIndicators

    Authors: Pomeret J-Marc., Mahlich Sonke  
  • Some Models Algorithms forEn-Route Air Traffic Flow Management Faculty Transport

    Author: Tosic Vojin  
  • Overview of the ASC System PerformanceMeasurement Project

    Authors: Voss William, Hoffman Jonathan  
  • Limits to NAS Growth:DPATResults

    Author: Wieland Frederick