2nd Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 1998. ISSN 2406-4068.

Note: All seminar content is provided on Google Drive.
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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Short and Mid-Term Improvements to ATM Operations
  • Dependability Analysesand Assessment of ARTAS

    Authors: SylvainMetge, Alain Peytavin  
  • Weather AvoidancePlanning and Collaborative Routing Decisions

    Author: Art Shantz  
  • The Passive FinalApproach Spacing Tool (FAST) Human Factors Operational Assessment

    Authors: Katharine K. LEE, Beverly D.SANFORD  
  • In depth Evaluationof ERATO Tools: Towards an Operational Prototype

    Author: Marcel LEROUX  
  • AirlineArrival Prioritization in Sequencing and Scheduling

    Authors: Greg CARR, Heinz ERZBERGER, Frank NEUMAN  
  • Operational Conceptfor FAA Interfacility TFM Collaborative Decision Making

    Authors: Laurel CARLSON, Lowell RHODES  
  • Terminal Routes UsingSpeed-control Techniques (TRUST). Initial Simulation Results

    Authors: D.R BARKER, S.P. CHASE, S.C. MOHLEJI  
  • Operational Conceptfor a Departure Wake Vortex Monitoring System

    Author: Thimothy J. DASEY  
  • Air Traffic byStochastic Optimization

    Authors: SofianeOUSSEDIK, mailto:[email protected], Daniel DELAHAYE  
  • Empirical Test ofConflict Probability Estimation

    Author: Russel A.PAIELLI  
  • Mantea DepartureSequencer: Increasing Airport Capacity by Planning Optimal Departure Sequences

    Authors: Henk HESSELINK, Niels BASJES  
  • En Route ATM:Decision Support Tool Computer-Human Interface Requirements Development

    Author: Maria C. PICARDI  
  • Airspace Complexityand its application in Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Banavar SRIDHAR, Kapil SHETH, Gano CHATTERJI  
  • Future Area ControlTools Support (FACTS)

    Author: Peter WHYSALL  
  • Final Approach SpacingTool (FAST)

    Authors: Peter WHYSALL, Colin SMITH  
  • User RequestEvaluation Tool (URET) Interfacility Conflict Probe Performance Assessment

    Authors: William ARTHUR, Michael P. McLAUGHLIN  
  • SupportingCollaboration in ATC through Flight Contracts

    Authors: HélèneUNINSKI, Stéphane SIRE, Stéphane CHATTY  
ATM Performance Measurement, Modelling, and Assessment
  • Evaluating the economicimpacts of ATM Innovations on Commercial air Carrier Operations

    Authors: Eric M.GAIER, Peter F. KOSTIUK  
  • An Integrated Safetyand Operational Analysis Methodology for Air Traffic Systems

    Authors: Peter F. KOSTIUK, Stephan KOLITZ  
  • Using Inter-Process toExpand Modeling Capabilities

    Authors: Diana LIANG, Steve BRADFORD, Stephane MONDOLONI  
  • CNS/ATM Enhancements inthe NAS: Potential Benefits to Users and the Environment

    Authors: Diana LIANG, mailto:[email protected], Joe SMITH, Donna MIDDLETON  
  • Theeffect of Direct Routing on ATC Capacity

    Author: Adrian MAGILL  
  • Data Flow Analysis andOptimisation Potential from Gate-to-Gate

    Authors: Matthias POPPE, Georg F. BOLZ  
  • Assessing Benefits forAirborne Flight Planners as Part of the Future NAS

    Authors: HUGHES Monica, CRISP Vicki, LIANG Diana, Donna Middleton  
  • A Set of Approximateand Compatible Models for Airport Strategic Planning on Airside and on Landside

    Authors: Luca RIGHI, Lorenzo BRUNETTA, Amadeo ODONI, Kostas ZOGRAFOS, Miltos STAMATOPOULOS  
  • The Initial PreferredIFR Route Restructuring Effort of the FAA

    Author: Laurence M.GORDON  
  • Conflict ProbeOperational Evaluation and Benefits Assessment

    Authors: Karol KERNS, Alvin L. McFARLAND  
  • Sensitivity of SystemPerformance Metric to Changes in AFTM Operations

    Authors: Lee BROWN, Michelle BLUCHER, Steve BRADFORD  
  • Impact of airTraffic Management on Airspace User Economic Performance

    Authors: William K.MacReynolds, Joseph SINNOTT  
  • Capacity-RelatedBenefits of Proposed CNS/ATM Technologies

    Author: Tara J. WEIDNER  
  • Methods andMeasurements for Evaluation of ATM Tools in Real-Time Simulations and FieldTests

    Author: Fred SCHICK  
  • Application of GenericMetrics to Assess the Accuracy of Strategic Conflict Probes

    Authors: Mary LeeCALE, Mike PAGLIONE, Robert OAKS, Dominic TIMOTEO  
  • National AirspaceCapacity Estimate

    Authors: Alfred B.COCANOWER, William VOSS  
  • Modeling an AirlineOperations Control Center

    Authors: Nicolas PUJET, Eric FERON  
  • A Probabilistic RiskAssessment based methodology to assess advanced ATM on safety

    Authors: Henk BLOM, Peter BLANKER, Mariken EVERDIJ  
  • Growing Pains ofMajor European Airports Case Study: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

    Authors: Hans OFFERMAN, Marcel BAKKER  
  • ATM Performance Reviewin Europe

    Author: Xavier FRON  
  • PreliminaryEvaluation of Flight Delay Propagation Through an Airline Schedule

    Authors: Roger BEATTY, Rose HSU, Lee BERRY, James ROME  
Future Operational Concepts
  • The Tactical Load Smoother Tool for Multi-Sector Planning

    Authors: Colin MECKIFF, Jean-Pierre NICOLAON, Renaud CHONE  
  • Investigation of Improved Information Distribution for the Realisation of Collaborative Decision Making

    Authors: Peter MARTIN, Alison HUDGELL, Nicolas BOUGE, Sophie VIAL  
  • ATC/Air Carrier Collaborative Arrival Planning: Data Sharing and User Preference Tools

    Authors: Cheryl QUINN, Richard E. ZELENKA  
  • European and USA Operational Concepts for 2000-2010: A Framework for Comparison

    Author: R.A. McCULLOCH  
  • Air Traffic Management Capacity-Driven Operational Concept Through 2015

    Authors: Aslaug HARALDSDOTTIR, Robert A. SCHWAB, Monica S. ALCABIN  
  • FACES: a Free Flight Autonomous and Coordinate Embarked Solver

    Authors: Jean-Marc ALLIOT, Nicolas DURAND, Géraud GRANGER  
  • Achieving Early CDTI Capability with ADS-B

    Authors: Andrew D. ZEITLIN, Jonathan HAMMER, James CIEPLAK, Oscar A. OLMOS  
  • Operational Assessment of Co-operative ASAS Applications

    Authors: Béatrice BONNEMAISON, Francis CASAUX, Thierry MIQUEL  
  • On the Applicability of Free-Flight Mode in European Airspace

    Authors: Pierre FAURE, Vu DUONG  
  • Self-Separation from Air, Ground and Airline Perspective

    Authors: R.C.J. RUIGROK, Sandra LOZITO  
  • The Effect of Shared Information on Pilot /Controller situation Awareness and Re-Route Negotiation

  • Structuring Hazard Criteria for Automated Separation Assurance

    Author: Robert SIMPSON  
  • The ESCAPADE Project (use of Downlinked Aircraft Parameters)

    Authors: Bruno FAVENNEC, Pascal SALEMBIER  
  • Observations of Departure Processes at Logan Airport to support the development of departure Planning Tools

    Authors: Husni IDRIS, Bertrand DELCAIRE, William D. HALL, Ioannis ANAGNOSTAKIS, John R. HANSMAN, Amadeo R. ODONI, John-Paul CLARKE