3rd Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 2000. ISSN 2406-4068.

Note: All seminar content is provided on Google Drive.
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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Airport, Ground Operations, Arrival and Departure Management
  • Reducing the Impact of Noise Abatement Strategies on Airport Capacity by Forecasting Noise

    Authors: Robert D. Sharman, Art Shantz  
  • Airspace Design and Arrival/Departure Planning For Brussels National Airport

    Authors: Satish C. Mohleji, Ferdinand Jacobs  
Airborne Separation Assurance
  • IPv6 and Internet Technology for the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network. A New Networking Approach

    Authors: Phil Smith, Laurent Crouzard, Gilles Gawinowski, Ollivier Robert  
  • Co-operative Optimal Conflict Avoidance in Free Flight Airspace

    Authors: Miguel A. Vilaplana, Colin Goodchild, Stefano Elefante  
  • Free Flight in a Crowded Airspace?

    Authors: Jacco Hoekstra, R.C.J. Ruigrok, R.N.H.W. van Gent  
Airspace Management, System Metrics and Policy
  • Air Traffic Complexity : towards Intrinsic Metrics

    Authors: Daniel Delahaye, Stphane Puechmorel  
  • An Airspace Planning Model for Selecting Flight-Plans under Workload, Safety and Equity Considerations

    Authors: Hanif D. Sherali, J. Cole Smith, Antonio A.Trani  
  • Assessing the Benefits of Collaborative Decision Making in Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Michael O. Ball, Robert L. Hoffman, Dave Knorr, James Wetherly, Mike Wambsganss  
  • Pricing Policies for Air Traffic Assignment

    Authors: Jean-Loup Farges, Karine Deschinkel, Daniel Delahaye  
  • FACET: Future ATM Concepts Evaluation Tool

    Authors: Karl Bilimoria, Banavar Sridhar, Gano Chatterji, Kapil Sheth, Shon Grabbe  
  • Modeling ATM Automation, Metering Conformance Benefits

    Authors: Steve Green, Tara J. Weidner  
  • UNITED STATES and EUROPEAN Airport Capacity Assessment using the GMU Macroscopic Capacity Model (MCM)

    Authors: George Donohue, William D. Laska  
  • Building and Evaluating a Minimal Regulation Scheme

    Authors: Jean-Baptiste Gotteland, P. Kerlirzin, Serge Manchon, C. Plusquellec  
  • Analytical Identification of Airport and Airspace Capacity Constraints

    Authors: Joe Hoffman, William Voss  
Human Factor Issues, Human-Machine Interfaces
  • A Human Factors Evaluation of Active Final Approach Spacing Tool Concepts

    Authors: Cheryl Quinn, John E. Robinson  
  • The Effect of Shared Information on Pilot/Controller and Controller/ Controller Interactions

    Authors: R. John Hansman, Hayley J. Davison  
  • Human Factors in ATC Alarms and Notifications Design: an Experimental Evaluation

    Authors: Sylvie Athenes, Stphane Chatty, Alexandre Bustico  
  • Interactions: Advanced Controller Displays, an ATM essential

    Authors: Ernst Kesseler, Ed Knapen  
Decision Support Tools and Collaborative Decision Making
  • Collaborative Optimization of Airport Arrival and Departure Traffic Flow Management Strategies for CDM

    Authors: Eugene Gilbo, Kenneth W. Howard  
  • Restriction Relaxation Experiments Enabled by URET, a Strategic Planning Tool

    Authors: Michael Burski, Joseph Celio  
  • En route Spacing Tool: Efficient Conflict-free Spacing to Flow-Restricted Airspace

    Author: Steve Green  
  • Advanced Decision Aids for Air Traffic Controllers: Understanding Different Working Methods from a Cognitive Point of View

    Authors: Marie Christine Bressolle, R. Benhacene, N. Boudes, R. Parise  
Safety and Separation Standards
  • Managing Criticality of ASAS Applications

    Authors: Batrice Bonnemaison, Andrew Zeitlin  
  • Reliability Analysis of Air Traffic Control

    Author: Sven Ternov  
  • Predicting Congestion in the Northeast U.S.: A Search for Indicators

    Authors: E. Beaton, John Brennan, James De Armon, Jeffrey Formosa, Kerry Levin, Shane Miller, Craig Wanke  
  • RNAV Near-Term Terminal Procedures Development

    Authors: Tom Becher, Jeffrey Formosa  
  • Preliminary Observations about Providing Problem Resolution Advisories to Air Traffic Controllers

    Authors: Dan B. Kirk, Winfield S. Heagy, Alvin L. McFarland, Michael J. Yablonski  
  • Operational Efficiency of Maneuver Coordination Rules for an Airborne Separation Assurance System

    Authors: Raoul Schild, J.K Kuchar  
  • A Methodology for the Design of a Route Network

    Author: Karim Mehadhebi  
  • DADI - Datalinking of Aircraft-Derived Information

    Author: Tony Hughes  
  • ATM Support Tools in PHARE - The Importance of Matching the Concepts of Management or Control

    Author: Ian Wilson  
  • Probabilistic Wake Vortex Iinduced Accident Risk Assessment

    Authors: J. Kos, H.A.P. Blom, L.J.P. Speijker, M.B. Klompstra, G.J. Bakker  
  • Geometric and Probabilistic Approaches towards Conflict Prediction

    Authors: H.A.P Blom, Harmen Kremer, Bert Bakker  
  • An outline about the RDT CNS/ATM integrated Programme "Mediterranean Free Flight" of the Italian Agency for Air Navigation Services

    Author: Giancarlo Ferrara  
  • A Conceptual Design of a Departure Planner Decision Aid

    Authors: John-Paul Clarke, Ioannis Anagnostakis, Husni Idris, Eric Feron, R. John Hansman, Amadeo R. Odoni, William D.Hall  
  • Modeling Distributed Human Decision-Making in Traffic Flow Management Operations

    Authors: Leonard A. Wojcik, Keith C. Campbell, Wayne W. Cooper, Daniel P. Greennbaum  
  • SafeFlight 21: The 1999 Operational Evaluation of ADS-B Applications

    Authors: Jim Cieplak, Edward Hahn, Baltazar O. Olmos  
  • The Effects of Schedule Disruptions on the Economics of Airline Operations

    Author: Zalman A.Shavell  
  • Integrating the Cockpit with Air Traffic Management: the Concept of Path Objects

    Author: John Barrer  
  • Closed Loop Forecasting of Air Traffic Demand and Delay

    Authors: Jesse Johnson, Peter Kostiuk, David Lee, Dou Long  
  • Trajectory Orientation: A Technology-Enabled Concept Requiring a Shift in Controller Roles and Responsibilities

    Authors: Ken Leiden, Steve Green  
  • Flight Test Results: CTAS and FMS Cruise/Descent Trajectory Prediction Accuracy

    Authors: Steve Green, Michael P. Grace, David H. Williams  
  • The Operational Assessment of Free Flight Phase 1 ATM Capabilities

    Authors: David Knorr,, Joseph Post,, Jeff Biros, Michelle Blucher  
  • Lessons learnt from CENA-PHARE experiment and requirements for future evaluation of novel concepts in ATC

    Author: Didier Pavet  
  • Trajectory Prediction Concepts for Next Generation Air Traffic Management

    Author: Tony Warren  
  • Human cognition modelling in ATM safety assessment

    Authors: Henk Blom, Jasper Daams, Herman .B. Nijhuuis  
  • The Computerized Analysis of ATC Tracking Data for an Operational Evaluation of CDTI/ADS-B Technology

    Author: Scott Mills  
  • Performance Measures for Future Architecture

    Authors: Steve Bradford, Diana Liang, David Knorr  
  • The Balance of Aviation Activities and Environmental Mitigation Strategies

    Authors: Diana Liang, Steve Bradford, Fran Melone  
  • Analysis of Separation Minima using a surveillance state vector approach

    Authors: R. John Hansman, Tom G. Reynolds  
  • The influence of ATC in approach noise abatement

    Authors: Andy D. Kershaw, Darren P. Rhodes, N.A. Smith  
  • Wind prediction accuracy for ATM decision support tools

    Authors: Steve Green, Rod Cole, Matt Jardin, Barry E. Schwartz, Stanley G. Benjamin  
  • Analysis and Modeling of Ground Operations at Hub Airports

    Authors: Eric Feron, Kari Anderson, Francis Carr, William D. Hall  
  • Comparison of US and European Airports and Airspace to Support Concept Validation

    Authors: William Marnane, Jonathan Green, Diana Liang, Steve Bradford  
  • PD/3 - A Contribution to the Future of ATM

    Author: Wim Post  
Human Factors
  • Training Evaluation Approach of a new ATC Tool

    Authors: Sonia Abdesslem, Marcel Leroux  
  • Investigating the Validity of Performance and Objective Workload Evaluation Research (POWER)

    Authors: Carol Manning, Scott Mills, Cynthia Fox, Elaine Pfleiderer, Henry Mogilka  
  • Controller Roles - Time to change

    Authors: Isabelle Pichancourt, Bob Graham, Alan Marsden, Frank Dowling  
  • Free Flight and the Context of Control: Experiments and Modeling to determine the impact of distributed air-ground air traffic management on safety and procedures

    Authors: Kevin Corker, Brian Gore, Kenneth Fleming, John Lane  
  • Striving for Adequacy: The Importance of Rich HMI Requirements

    Authors: Alistair Jackson, Sacha Dorbes, Isabelle Pichancourt  
  • Pushing the limits of ATC user interface design beyond SM interaction: the DigiStrips experience

    Authors: Christophe Mertz, Stphane Chatty, Jean-Luc Vinot  
  • The impact of human factors on ASAS

    Author: Daniel Ferro  
  • Is limited delegation of separation assurance promising?

    Authors: Eric Hoffman, Karim Zeghal, Anne Cloerec, Isabelle Grimaud, Jean-Pierre Nicolaon  
  • Put in Operation a Complex System is not only a Technical Challenge - Transition to a newly Automated Environment

    Authors: Paola Amaldi, Nadio Di Rienzo, Giancarlo Barale