4th Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 2001. ISSN 2406-4068.

Note: All seminar content is provided on Google Drive.
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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Human Factors
  • Context-Sensitive Speech Recognition in the Air Traffic Control Simulation

    Author: Dirk Schaefer  
  • Development and Validation of the controller acceptance rating scale (CARS): Results of Empirical Research

    Authors: Katharine K. Lee, Karol Kerns, Randall Bone, Monicarol Nickelson  
  • Estimation of Airport Capacity through the Determination of the Tower Controller Time Load

    Authors: Francisco Montoto, Nicolas Suarez  
  • Cockpit Avionics And their perception by Air Traffic Controllers

    Author: Ralane Benhacene  
  • Use of paper strips by Tower Air Traffic Controllers and promises offered by new design techniques on user interface

    Author: Didier Pavet  
  • Identification of Controller Conflict Resolution Strategies for the CORA2 (Conflict Resolution Assistant) Project

    Authors: Barry Kirwan, Mary Flynn  
  • Air Traffic Controller and Management Attitudes Towards Automation: An Empirical Investigation

    Authors: Brian Hilburn, Mary Flynn  
  • The Relationship between Air Traffic Control Communication Events and Measures of Controller Taskload and Workload

    Authors: Carol Manning, Scott Mills, Cynthia Fox, Elaine Pfleiderer, Henry Mogilka  
  • Real-Time Assessment of Situation Awareness of Air Traffic Control Specialists On Operational Host Computer System and Display System Replacement Hardware

    Authors: Ben F. Willems, Michele Heiney  
  • A Review of Civil Aviation Accidents Air Traffic Management Related Accidents:1980-1999

    Author: Gerard W.H. van Es  
  • Simulation of CTAS/FMS Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Todd Callantine, Thomas Prevt, Nancy Smith, Everett Palmer  
  • An Operational Assessment of Terminal and En Route Free Flight Capabilities

    Authors: David Knorr, Joseph Post, Marilyn Walker, Daniel Howell  
  • Traffic Flow Management (TFM) weather Rerouting

    Authors: Joseph E. Sherry, C.G. Ball, S.M. Zobell  
  • Safety Assessments of ADS-B and ASAS

    Author: Andrew Zeitlin  
  • Determination of Minimum Push-Back and Taxi-Out Time Predictability Needed For Near-Term Departure Scheduling using DEPARTS

    Authors: Wayne W. Cooper, Satish C. Mohleji, Carl D. Burke, J. Glenn Foster, Michael J. Mills  
  • Controller and Pilot Error in Surface Operations

    Author: Kim Cardosi  
  • Flight Deck Simulations of Station Keeping

    Authors: Michael Agelii, Christian Olausson  
  • Analytical and Empirical Analysis of the Impacts of Restricting Airspace

    Authors: John M. Falker, James K. Kuchar  
  • The Effect of Aircraft Wake Vortex Separation on Air Transportation Capacity

    Authors: George Donohue, David K. Rutishauser  
  • A Strategic and Tactical Tool for ATFM Planning based on Statistics and Probability Theory

    Authors: Colin Goodchild, Miguel A. Vilaplana, Stefano Elefante  
  • Required Total System Performance and Results of a Short Term Conflict Alert Simulation Study

    Authors: Arek Shakarian, Aslaug Haraldsdottir  
  • A System Dynamics Tool for Economic Performance Assessment in Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Jean-Claude Hustache, Marco Gibellini, Paula Leal De Matos  
  • Airborne Use of Traffic Intent Information in a Distributed Air-Ground Traffic Management Concept: Experiment Design and Preliminary Results

    Authors: David J. Wing, Richard J. Adams, Bryan E. Barmore, Donald Moses  
  • Shared-Separation: Empirical Results and Theoretical Implications

    Authors: Karen DiMeo, Parimal Kopardekar, Rose Ashford, Sandy Lozito, Margaret-Anne Mackintosh  
  • Airspace Fractal Dimensions and Applications

    Authors: Stephane Mondoloni, Diana Liang  
  • Accident Risk Assessment of Simultaneous Converging Instrument Approaches

    Authors: Henk A.P. Blom, Margriet Klompstra, Bert Bakker  
  • Transitions between Free Flight and Managed Airspace : a Controllers Perspective

    Authors: Collin Beers, Hans Huisman  
  • Noise-contour model validation through the use of full 4-D flight trajectories and an advanced thrust model

    Authors: Laurent Cavadini, Peter Hullah  
  • Transition Airspace Controller Tool (TACT) Vizualization Aids for Radar Controllers

    Authors: Christopher T. DeSenti, Celesta G. Ball, Dennis W. Rowe, Gretchen J. Jacobs  
  • Analysis of an Approach Spacing Application

    Authors: Jonathan Hammer, Ganghuai Wang  
  • Problem Analysis, Resolution and Ranking (PARR) Development and Assessment

    Authors: Daniel B. Kirk, Karen C. Bowen, Winfield S. Heagy, Karen J. Viets  
  • Assessing NAS Performance: Normalizing for the Effects of Weather

    Authors: Michael B. Callaham, James S. DeArmon, Arlene Cooper, Jason H.Goodfriend  
  • A Generic Sampling Technique for Measuring Aircraft Trajectory Prediction Accuracy

    Authors: Mary Lee Cale, Shurong Liu, Robert D. Oaks, Mike Paglione, Hollis F. Ryan, Scott Summerill  
  • Operational Evaluation of the Direct-To Controller Tool

    Authors: David McNally, Shawn Engelland, Ralph Bach, William Chan, Heinz Erzberger, Connie Brasil, Chester Gong, John Frey, Danny Vincent  
  • Introducing Structural Considerations into Complexity Metrics

    Authors: Jonathan M. Histon, Guillaume Aigoin, Daniel Delahaye, R.J. Hansman, Stephane Puechmorel  
  • Real-Time Data Link of Aircraft Parameters to the Center-TRACON Automation System (CTAS)

    Authors: Rich Coppenbarger, Gerd Kanning, Rey Salcido  
  • Collaborative Decision Making: Results of Experiments to Identify Limitations of Information Exchanges in Stand and Gate Operations

    Authors: Peter Martin, Olivier Delain, Fadi Fakhoury  
  • Evaluation of Advanced Conflict Modelling in the Highly Interactive Problem Solver

    Authors: Bas van Doorn, Bert Bakker, Colin Meckiff  
  • A statistical analysis of the influence of vertical and ground speed errors on conflict probe

    Authors: Jean-Marc Alliot, Nicolas Durand, Graud Granger  
  • Slot Allocation with Constraint Programming: Models and Results

    Authors: Nicolas Barnier, Pascal Brisset, Thomas Rivire  
  • The Potential of Demand Management as a Short-Term Means of Relieving Airport Congestion

    Authors: Terence P. Fan, Amedeo R. Odoni  
  • Optimal Resolution of En Route Conflicts

    Authors: Graud Granger, Nicolas Durand, Jean-Marc Alliot  
  • Aircraft Ground Traffic Optimization

    Authors: Jean-Baptiste Gotteland, Nicolas Durand, Jean-Marc Alliot, Erwan Page  
  • Analysis of Demand Uncertainty Effects in Ground Delay Programs

    Authors: Michael Ball, Thomas Vossen, Robert Hoffman  
  • SOP: a decision-aid tool for Global Air Traffic Management System Optimisation

    Authors: Thierry Champougny, Alain Duchene, Antoine Joubert, James Lambert, M. Minoux  
  • Normalization of Airport and Terminal Area Operational Performance: A Case Study of Los Angeles International Airport

    Authors: Mark Hansen, Tatjana Bolic  
  • Reducing Traffic bunching through a more Flexible Air Traffic Flow Management

    Authors: Stphanie Stoltz, Patrick Ky  
  • A Geometrical Approach to Conflict Probability Estimation

    Author: Richard Irvine  
  • The Common ATM Information State Space - A unified data management system for the entire NAS resources based on an indexing system

    Authors: Ian Crook, Zak Tibichte, Diana Liang  
  • Evaluating safety and usability of ATM systems

    Authors: Francesco Pucci, Patrizia Marti, Paola Lanzi  
  • Tactical Conflict Detection and Resolution in a 3-D Airspace

    Authors: Gilles Dowek, Alfons Geser, Csar Muoz  
  • Three Principles of Decision-Making Interactions in Traffic Flow Management Operations

    Author: Leonard A. Wojcik  
  • Analysis of Delay Causality at Newark International Airport

    Authors: Shawn Allan, J.A. Beesley, Jim Evans, Steve Gaddy  
  • Tactical Decision Support To ComplementStrategicTraffic Flow Management for Convective Weather

    Author: James E. Evans  
  • Development of an FAA - EUROCONTROL Approach to the Analysis of Human Error in ATM

    Authors: Anne Isaac, Julia Pounds  
  • Optimization of opening schemes

    Authors: Celine Verlhac, Serge Manchon  
  • A Safety- and Human-Centered Approach to Developing New Air Traffic Management Tools

    Authors: Nancy Leveson, Maxime de Villepin, Jayakanth Srinivasan, Mirna Daouk..., Nadine Pilon, Geraldine Flynn  
  • Sector-Less Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Vu Duong, Gilles Gawinowski, Jean-Pierre Nicolaon, Darren Smith  
  • The Automated Airspace Concept

    Author: Heinz Erzberger  
  • Delegating upstreamMapping where it happens

    Authors: Isabelle Grimaud, Eric Hoffman, Laurence Rognin, Karim Zeghal  
  • Assessing the Capacity of Novel ATM Systems

    Authors: Alison J. Hudgell, R M Gingell  
  • Two Studies of Paired Approaches

    Authors: Amy Pritchett, Steve Landry  
  • An Assessment of Flight Crew Experiences with FANS-1 Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication in the South Pacific

    Authors: Nancy Smith, Peter Polson, John A. Brown, John Moses  
  • Trajectory-based Air Traffic Management (TB-ATM) under Weather Uncertainty

    Authors: Arnab Nilim, Laurent El Ghaoui, Vu Duong, Mark Hansen  
  • Demand Management Versus Capacity Enhancement: Which Direction for Air Transportation?

    Author: Peter F. Kostiuk  
  • System Performance Characteristics of Centralized and Decentralized Air Traffic Separation Strategies

    Authors: Jimmy Krozel, Mark Peters, Karl D. Bilimoria, Changkil Lee, Joseph S.B. Mitchell  
  • Estimating Airport System Delay Performance

    Authors: Jerry D. Welch, Richard T. Lloyd  
  • Fuel Burn and Emission Forecasting for Europe

    Authors: Ayce Celikel, Frank Jelinek