6th Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 2005. ISSN 2406-4068.

Note: All seminar content is provided on Google Drive.
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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

  • An Efficient Method For Airspace Analysis And Partitioning Based On Equalized Traffic Mass

    Author: Alexander Klein  
  • An Analysis of Potential Capacity Enhancements Through Wind Dependent Wake Turbulence Procedures

    Author: Steven Lang  
  • Safety Analysis Methodology For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav) Collision Avoidance Systems

    Author: James Kuchar  
  • Probabilistic Congestion Management

    Authors: Craig Wanke, Lixia Song  
  • Advance Planning Through Schedule Analysis

    Authors: Michelle Somerday, Andre Merling  
  • Air And Ground Simulation Of Terminal-Area Fms Arrivals With Airborne Spacing And Merging

    Authors: Todd Callantine, Paul Lee  
  • Assessment Of The 3D-Separation Of Air Traffic Flows

    Authors: David Gianazza, Nicolas Durand  
  • Economic Contribution And Productivity Of Atm

    Authors: Paula Leal de Matos, Amedeo Odoni  
  • Improvement On The Acceptance Of A Conflict Resolution System By Air Traffic Controllers

    Authors: Rainer Flicker, Manfred Fricke  
  • Airline Operational Benefits Of Surface Surveillance

    Authors: Dan Howell, Steve Ritchey  
  • Pilot Perspective Of Asas Self-Separation In Challenging Environments

    Authors: Rob Ruigrok, Nico de Gelder  
  • Analysis Of Excess Flying Time In The National Airspace System

    Authors: James DeArmon, George Solomos  
  • Outbound Punctuality Sequencing By Collaborative Departure Planning

    Authors: Hugo Jonge, de, Eugene Tuinstra  
  • On The Feasibility Of Traffic Synchronization In Central European Upper Airspace

    Author: Lenka Dravecka  
  • Design Of An Airborne Spacing Director To Minimise Pilot Speed Actions

    Authors: Dan Ivanescu, Chris Shaw  
  • Preliminary Results From A European Safety R&D Program

    Author: Barry Kirwan  
  • Airline Operations Managers: An Introduction To The Third Leg Of The National Air Transportation System

    Authors: Karen Feigh, Amy Pritchett  
  • The Feasibility Of Measuring Capacity In A Real-Time Atm Simulation Independent Of Subjective Controller Workload Measurement

    Authors: Kevin Corker, Rod Gingell  
  • Variability Of Contrail Formation Conditions And The Implications For Policies To Reduce The Climate Impacts Of Aviation

    Authors: Victoria Williams, Robert Noland  
  • Environmental Tradeoffs Assessment Around Airports

    Authors: Jean-Claude HUSTACHE, Alan MELROSE  
  • Flight Efficiency Studies In Europe And The United States

    Authors: Tarja Kettunen, Jean-Claude Hustache  
  • Quantitatively Estimating Wake Vortex Safety Using P2P Model

    Authors: Yue Xie, John Shortle  
  • Spacing Instructions In Approach: Benefits And Limits From An Air Traffic Controller Perspective

    Authors: Karim Zeghal, Isabelle Grimaud  
  • Impact Of Factors, Conditions And Metrics On Trajectory Prediction Accuracy

    Authors: Stephane Mondoloni, Ibrahim Bayraktutar  
  • Expanding The Use Of Time-Based Metering: Multi-Center Traffic Management Advisor

    Authors: Steven Landry, Ty Hoang  
  • Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Model For Air Traffic Flow Management With En Route And Airport Capacity Constraints

    Authors: Avijit Mukherjee, Mark Hansen  
  • Extent And Impact Of Future Nas Capacity Shortfalls In The United States: A Socio-Economic Demand Study

    Authors: Earl Wingrove, David Ballard  
  • Airborne Precision Spacing In Merging Terminal Arrival Routes: A Fast-Time Simulation Study

    Authors: Karthik Krishnamurthy, Bryan Barmore  
  • Human Factors Implications Of Continuous Descent Approach Procedures For Noise Abatement In Air Traffic Control

    Authors: Hayley Davison Reynolds, Tom Reynolds  
  • Air Ground Communications Miami Controller Pilot Data Link Communications Summary And Assessment

    Authors: John Gonda, William Saumsiegle  
  • Applying Qualitative Hazard Analysis To Support Quantitative Safety Analysis For Proposed Reduced Wake Separation Conops

    Authors: John Shortle, Michael Allocco  
  • Joint Nasa Ames/Langley Experimental Evaluation Of Integrated Air/Ground Operations For En Route Free Maneuvering

    Authors: Richard Barhydt, Parimal Kopardekar  
  • Emergence And Impact Of Secondary Airports In The United States

    Authors: Philippe Bonnefoy, R. John Hansman  
  • Ground-Side Perspective On Mixed Operations With Self-Separating And Controller-Managed Aircraft

    Authors: Paul Lee, Thomas Prevot  
  • A Preliminary Analysis Of The Impact Of Miles-In-Trail Restrictions On Nas Flight Operations

    Authors: Mark Klopfenstein, Jon Mintzer  
  • The Link Between Operational Performance And Operational Errors In The National Airspace System

    Authors: Mark Hansen, Yu Zhang  
  • A Method For Rating The Severity Of Runway Incursions

    Authors: Kim Cardosi, Daniel Hannon  
  • Managing Sector Congestion Using Airspace Restriction Planner

    Authors: Parimal Kopardekar, Steve Green  
  • Quantifying Convective Delay Reduction Benefits For Weather/Atm Systems

    Authors: James Evans, Michael Robinson  
  • Evaluating En Route Congestion Management Through Iinteractive Simulation

    Authors: Michael Brennan, Christopher Ermatinger  
  • Estimation Of Arrival Capacity And Utilization At Major Airports

    Authors: Antony Evans, Husni Idris  
  • Modeling Delays And Cancellation Probabilities To Support Strategic Simulations

    Authors: David Lovell, Avijit Mukherjee  
  • Response Mechanisms For Dynamic Air Traffic Flow Management

    Authors: Michael Ball, Robert Hoffman  
  • An Analysis Of Potential Capacity Enhancements Through Wind Dependent Wake Turbulence Procedures

    Authors: Jeff Tittsworth, Clark Lunsford  
  • The Factors Affecting Airspace Capacity In Europe: A Framework Methodology Based On Cross Sectional Time-Series Analysis Using Simulated Controller Wo

    Authors: Arnab Majumdar, Washington Ochieng  
  • Safety Analysis For Advanced Separation Concepts

    Author: John Andrews  
  • Cockpit Display Of Traffic Information (Cdti) Assisted Visual Separation (Cavs): Pilot Acceptability Of A Spacing Task During A Visual Approach

    Author: Randall Bone  
  • Integration Of Downlink Aircraft Parameters In A French En Route Atc Hmi

    Author: Vincent Kapp  
  • Sourdine Ii Assessment Aspects Of Noise Abatement Procedures

    Author: Ruud den Boer  
  • Benefits Obtained From The Estimation And Distribution Of Realistic Taxi Times

    Authors: Jose Miguel de Pablo Guerrero, Patricia Pina Calafi  
  • Tactical Departure Management With The Eurocontrol / Dlr Dman

    Author: Dietmar Bohme  
  • Linking Existing On Ground, Arrival And Departure Operations

    Authors: Jose Miguel de Pablo Guerrero, Patricia Pina  
  • Verification And Validation Results From The Operational A-Smgcs Field Trials Of The Project Beta

    Author: Christoph Meier  
  • Improving Flight Efficiency Through Terminal Area Rnav

    Authors: Kevin Sprong, Brennan Haltli  
Innovative ATM concepts
  • Statistical Performance Evaluation Between Linear And Nonlinear Designs For Aircraft Relative Guidance

    Authors: Thierry MIQUEL, Jean Marc LOSCOS  
  • Route Charging Policy For A Functional Block Of Airspace (Ceats)

    Authors: Lorenzo Castelli, Walter Ukovich  
  • Interactive And Immersive 3D Visualization For Atc

    Authors: marc bourgois, matthew cooper  
  • Design For Innovation In Atm

    Authors: Patrizia Marti, Margherita Bacigalupo  
  • Estimation Of Delay Propagation In Aviation System Using Bayesian Network

    Authors: Ning Xu, George Donohue  
  • Co-Operative Air Traffic Management: A Technology Enabled Concept For The Next Generation Air Transportation System

    Authors: Thomas Prevot, Joey Mercer  
  • Analyzing Air Traffic Management Systems Using Agent-Based Modeling And Simulation

    Author: Amy Pritchett  
  • Shifting The Atm Paradigm: From The Use Of System Resources To The Management Of Objectives

    Authors: Laurent Guichard, Sandrine Guibert  
Human Factors
  • Simulated Free Routing Operations In The Marseille Uir: Results And Issues From A Human Factors Perspective

    Authors: Thomas Kircher, Philippe Trouslard  
  • Organizational Issues And Safety Culture In Atm, Part 1: Stability Analysis

    Authors: Esa Ek, Roland Akselsson  
  • Relationship Of The Aircraft Mix Index With Performance And Objective Workload Evaluation Research (Power) Measures And Complexity Ratings

    Author: Elaine Pfleiderer  
  • Controller-Pilot Radio Channel Utilization And Cognitive Issues

    Authors: Jasenka Rakas, Tatjana Bolic  
  • On The Integration Of Human Performance And Collision Risk Simulation Models Of Runway Operation

    Authors: Kevin Corker, Henk Blom  
  • User Request Evaluation Tool (Uret) Adoption And Adaptation Three Center Case Study

    Authors: Tatjana Bolic, Mark Hansen  
  • Conflict Perception By Atcs Admits Doubt But Not Inconsistency

    Author: Philippe Averty  
  • As Rapid As Paper Strips? Evaluation Of Vertidigi, A New Control Tool For Terminal Sectors

    Authors: Railane Benhacene, Anthony Marion