8th Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 2009. ISSN 2406-4068.

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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Airport Operations
  • Airport Service Vehicle Scheduling

    Authors: Kenneth Kuhn, Steffen Loth  
  • Integrating optimization and simulation to gain more efficient airport logistics

    Authors: Tobias Andersson Granberg, Anna Norin, Peter Värbrand, Di Yuan  
  • Application of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Predicting Taxi-out Times

    Authors: Poornima Balakrishna, Ph.D. Candidate, Rajesh Ganesan,Ph.D., Lance Sherry, Ph.D.  
  • Airport surface management and runways scheduling

    Authors: Raphael Deau, Jean-Baptiste Gotteland, Nicolas Durand  
  • Scheduling Aircraft Landings to Closely Spaced Parallel Runways

    Author: Michael Kupfer  
  • Linking Traffic Management to the Airport Surface

    Authors: Nathan A. Doble, John Timmerman, Ted Carniol, Mark Klopfenstein, Midori Tanino, Ved Sud  
  • Delay Impacts onto Turnaround Performance

    Authors: Hartmut Fricke, Michael Schultz  
Weather in ATM
  • Weather Forecast Accuracy: Study of Impact on Airport Capacity and Estimation of Avoidable Costs

    Authors: Alexander Klein, Sadegh Kavoussi, Robert S. Lee  
  • The Impact of Severe Weather on Sector Capacity

    Authors: Lixia Song, Daniel Greenbaum, Craig Wanke  
  • Improvement of thunderstorm hazard information for pilots through a ground based weather information and management system

    Authors: A. Tafferner, C. Forster, S. Sénési, Y. Guillou  
  • The Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT): Evaluation of Departure Management Decision Support in New York during the 2008 Convective Weather Season

    Authors: Michael Robinson, Rich DeLaura, Ngaire Underhill  
  • Identification of Robust Routes using Convective Weather Forecasts

    Authors: Diana Michalek, Hamsa Balakrishnan  
  • A Model for Determining Ground Delay Program Parameters Using a Probabilistic Forecast of Stratus Clearing

    Authors: Lara S. Cook, Bryan Wood  
Innovative Methods for Safety Assessment
  • Airspace Encounter Models for Conventional and Unconventional Aircraft

    Authors: Mykel Kochenderfer, Leo Espindle, Matthew Edwards, James Kuchar, Daniel Griffith  
  • A systems-engineering approach to assessing the safety of the SESAR Operational Concept

    Authors: Eric Perrin, Derek Fowler, Ron Pierce  
  • Risk-Benefit Analysis of Advanced Air Transportation System Technologies Using Logic Gate Models

    Authors: S. Eisenhawer, T. Bott,J. Foggia, S. Brown, K. Neitzke, M. Sorokach  
Continuous Descent Approaches
  • Time-Based Arrival Management for Dual Threshold Operation and Continous Descent Approaches

    Authors: Hartmut Helmke, Ronny Hann, Daniel Müller, Maria Uebbing-Rumke, Dennis Wittkowski  
  • Flight Deck-Based Merging and Spacing during En Route Descent: Findings from an Air Traffic Controller Simulation

    Authors: William Penhallegon, Randall Bone  
  • Feasibility and Benefits of a Cockpit Traffic Display-based Seperation Procedure for Single Runway Arrivals and Departures

    Authors: Dr. Anand M. Mundra, David A. Domino, John R Helleberg, Arthur P. Smith  
  • Controlled Time-of-Arrival Flight Trials

    Authors: Joel K. Klooster & Ana Del Amo, Patrick Manzi  
  • Evaluation of an Airborne Spacing Concept to Support Continuous Descent Arrival Operations

    Authors: Jennifer L. Murdoch, Bryan E. Barmore, Brian T. Baxley, Terence S. Abbott  
  • Analysis of Continuous Descent Benefits and Impacts During Daytime Operations

    Authors: Sanjiv Shresta, Dejan Neskovic, Stephen S. Williams  
Innovative ATM concepts
  • Regional GDP -- Extending Ground Delay Programs to Regional Airport Systems

    Authors: Yu Zhang, Mark Hansen  
  • Ant Colony Optimization for Air Traffic Conflict Resolution

    Authors: Nicolas Durand, Jean-Marc Alliot  
  • Near-Term Terminal Area Automation for Arrival Coordination

    Author: Jeffrey Shepley  
  • SmartNodes – Towards supporting time-critical decision-making in Aviation Security

    Authors: Rainer Kölle, Alex Tarter  
  • Evaluation of Triple Closely Spaced Parallel Runway Procedures for Off-nominal Cases

    Authors: Savita Verma, Sandra Lozito, Deborah Ballinger, Thomas Kozon, Ramesh Panda, Diane Carpenter, Darrell Wooten, G. Hardy, Herb Resnick  
  • ERASMUS Strategic Deconfliction to Benefit SESAR

    Authors: Fabrice Drogoul, Philippe Averty, Rosa Weber  
Human Factors
  • Impact of future time-based operations on Situation Awareness of air traffic controllers

    Authors: Esther Oprins, David Zwaaf, Fredrik Eriksson, Koen van de Merwe, Robert Roe  

    Authors: Kathryn Mearns, Barry Kirwan, Richard Kennedy  
  • Carbon Copy: The Benefits of Autonomous Cognitive Models of Air Traffic Controllers in Large-Scale Simulations

    Authors: Steven Estes, Craig Bonaceto, Kevin Long, Scott Mills, Frank Sogandares  

    Authors: Lance Sherry, Jerome Lard, Karl Fennell, Michael Feary  
  • Evaluation of ATC working practice from a safety and human factor perpective

    Authors: Karim Mehadhebi, Philippe Averty, Jean-Louis Pirat  
  • Human Factors Assessment of Runway Status Lights and Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal

    Authors: Maria Picardi Kuffner, Captain Robert Perkins  
  • Bet on both sides of the coin to improve the organizational climate

    Authors: Johan Jönsson, Marcus Arvidsson & Curt R Johansson  
ATM Performance Measurement and Management
  • Modeling Flight Delays and Cancellations at the National, Regional and Airport Levels in the United States

    Authors: Banavar Sridhar, Yao Wang, Alexander Klein, Richard Jehlen  

    Authors: Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Hantschke, Dipl.-Met. Urban Weißhaar  
  • Management of ATM performance in operational concept development and validation: a case study

    Authors: Jelmer J. Scholte, Henk A.P. Blom, J.C. (Hans) van den Bos, Roy B.H.J. Jansen  
  • US/ Europe comparison of ATM-related operational performance

    Authors: John Gulding, David Knorr, Marc Rose, James Bonn, Philippe Enaud, Holger Hegendoerfer  
  • Validation of Runway Capacity Models

    Authors: Amy Kim, Mark Hansen  
Trajectory and Queue Management
  • Departure Scheduling in a Multi-airport System

    Authors: Yanjun Wang, Minghua Hu, Dong Sui, Yong Tian, Jianming Zhan  
  • Use of Linear Aircraft Intent Response for Tactical Trajectory-Based Operations

    Author: Stephane Mondoloni  
  • Distributed Trajectory Flexibility Preservation for Traffic Complexity Mitigation

    Authors: Husni Idris, Daniel Delahaye, David Wing  
  • Lateral Intent Error’s Impact on Aircraft Prediction

    Authors: Mike Paglione, Greg McDonald, Ibrahim Bayraktutar, Jesper Bronsvoort  
  • Use of Queuing Models to Estimate Delay Savings from 4D Trajectory Precision

    Authors: Mark Hansen, Tasos Nikoleris, David Lovell, Kleoniki Vlachou  
Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
  • Hybrid Demand and Capacity Balance Model for the Future Air Traffic Management Concept of Operations

    Authors: Juan José Rebollo, Andrés Cruz  
  • Nicolas Durand, Jean-Marc Alliot

    Authors: Eduardo GOÑI MODREGO, Mihai-George IAGARU, Marc DALICHAMPT, Roger LANE  
  • Resource Allocation in Flow-Constrained Areas with Stochastic Termination Times Considering Both Optimistic and Pessimistic Reroutes

    Authors: Moein Ganji, David Lovell, Michael O. Ball  
  • Equitable Allocation of Enroute Airspace Resources

    Authors: Nasim Vakili Pourtaklo, Michael Ball  
  • 4D-Trajectory Deconfliction Through Departure Time Adjustment

    Authors: Nicolas BARNIER, Cyril ALLIGNOL  
  • Air Traffic Flow Management in the Presence of Uncertainty

    Authors: John-Paul B. Clarke, Senay Solak  
  • The Area Flow Multi-Sector Planner: A Fast-Time Study of MSP Coordination Activities

    Authors: Carolyn Sorensen, Ian Crook, Diana Liang, Richard Jehlen  
  • Evaluating a New Formulation for Large-Scale Traffic Flow Management

    Authors: Andrew M. Churchill, David J. Lovell, Michael O. Ball  
Environmental Impacts in ATM System Design and Operation
  • Evaluating the Environmental Performance of the U.S. Next Generation Air Transportation System

    Authors: Michael Graham, Terence Thompson, Michael Marcolini, Jeremiah Creedon  
  • Fuel consumption modeling in support of ATM environmental decision-making

    Authors: David Senzig, Gregg Fleming, Ralph Iovinelli  
  • Assessment of the Aviation Environmental Design Tool

    Authors: George Noel, Doug Allaire, Stuart Jacobson, Karen Willcox  
  • Development of Flight Inefficiency Metrics for Environmental Performance Assessment of ATM

    Author: Tom G. Reynolds  
Finance and Policy
  • Longitudinal Study of New York Airports Prices, Delays, Cancellations, Markets Served and Aircraft Gauge

    Authors: John Ferguson, Karla Hoffman, Lance Sherry, Abdul Qadar Kara, Guillermo Calderon  
  • A Market Mechanism to Assign Air Traffic Flow Management Slots

    Authors: Andrea Ranieri, Lorenzo Castelli  
  • Assessing the Role of Operating, Passenger, and Infrastructure Costs in Fleet Planning under Fuel Price Uncertainty

    Authors: Megan Smirti, Mark Hansen  
Dynamic Airspace and Capacity Management
  • A Comparison of Algorithm Generated Sectorizations

    Author: Shannon Zelinski  
  • Feasibility of Mixed Equipage Operations in the Same Airspace

    Authors: Parimal Kopardekar, Nancy Smith, Katharine Lee, Arwa Aweiss, Paul U. Lee, Thomas Prevot, Joey Mercer, Jeff Homola, Matthew Mainini  
  • An efficient airspace configuration forecast

    Authors: D. Gianazza, C. Allignol, N. Saporito  
  • Optimizing Airspace Sectors for Varying Demand Patterns using Multi-Controller Staffing

    Authors: Shin-Lai (Alex) Tien, Robert Hoffman, Ph.D.  
  • Separation Minima Model: How Changes in Contributing Factors Could Affect Current Standards

    Authors: Daniel MOSQUERA-BENITEZ, Alan Ross GROSKREUTZ, Lars FUCKE  
  • Initial Evaluation of NextGen Air/Ground Operations with Ground-Based Automated Separation Assurance

    Authors: Thomas Prevot, Jeffrey Homola, Joey Mercer, Matt Mainini, Christopher Cabrall  
  • Estimation of Separation Buffers for Wind-Prediction Error in an Airborne Separation Assistance System

    Authors: Maria Consiglio, Sherwood Hoadley, B. Danette Allen  
  • Progress on Joint FAA/Eurocontrol Effort to Develop an ICAO Wake Turbulence Re-Categorization

    Authors: Steven R. Lang, Jeffrey A. Tittsworth, Donald P. Delisi, David Y. Lai, Catalin Lepadatu, George C. Greene