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Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar

Savannah, Georgia, USA

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Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar

The Federal Aviation Administration and EUROCONTROL have jointly organized an international seminar for Air Traffic Management Research and Development (ATM R&D) since 1997. These seminars are held every two years, alternating between the USA and Europe, and have become the top event for ATM researchers.

The ATM R&D Seminars are particularly important in view of the need to agree and develop solutions that are globally relevant, encompassing SESAR, NextGen and other international programs. The seminars promote international collaboration, create and reinforce relationships between leading ATM experts and researchers world-wide, and encourage discussion and consensus on major issues.

ATM is defined in the ICAO ATM Global Concept document as "the dynamic, integrated management of air traffic and airspace - safely, economically, and efficiently - through the provision of facilities and seamless services in collaboration with all parties". ATM therefore encompasses airspace organization and management, flow and capacity management and en-route, terminal and airport air traffic control.

The solutions to today's and future challenges are being addressed right now in research and development labs around the world. It is cutting edge material like this that is presented and discussed at the ATM R&D Seminar.

There have been 14 USA/Europe ATM R&D Seminars resulting in an archive of more than 850 peer-reviewed papers that are available on this website. This represents one of the most valuable and widely-used records of ATM research available.

ATM Seminar Themes

Air traffic flow management and optimization

4-D Trajectory planning, prediction, and management

Separation assurance and safety nets

Complexity science, analytics and big data for ATM

Integrated airport/airside operations

Economics, finance and policy

ATM performance measurement and management

Weather in ATM

Human Factors

Environment and energy efficiency

Advanced communication, surveillance and navigation

Autonomous, unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft systems

Safety, resilience and security


ATM Seminar Schedule AT-A-GLANCE

The ATM Seminar 2023 Schedule AT-A-GLANCE in PDF format.

Schedule AT-A-GLANCE (PDF)

2023 ATM Seminar Committee

Dirk Schaefer

Europe General Seminar Chair


Eric Neiderman

U.S. General Seminar Chair

Federal Aviation Administration

Program Committee


  • Marc Bourgois, EUROCONTROL
  • Nicolas Durand, ENAC, France
  • Hartmut Fricke, TU Dresden, Germany
  • Peter Hecker, TU Braunschweig, Germany
  • Jacco Hoekstra, TU Delft, Netherlands
  • Eric Hoffman, EUROCONTROL
  • Billy Josefsson, LFV, Sweden
  • Dirk Küegler, DLR, Germany
  • Guglielmo Lulli, Lancaster University, UK
  • Olivia Nunez, Lancaster University, UK
  • Jose Miguel de Pablo, CRIDA/Enaire, Spain
  • Miquel Àngel Piera Eroles, UA Barcelona, Spain
  • Anthony Smoker, Lund University, Sweden/IFATCA
  • Georg Trausmuth, Frequentis, Austria

United States

  • Sameer Alam, NTU, Singapore
  • Hamsa Balakrishnan, MIT
  • Mark Hansen, UC Berkeley
  • Christopher Dorbian, FAA/AEE
  • Max Li, University of Micigan
  • Sandy Lozito, NASA Ames
  • Karen Marais, Purdue University
  • Joseph Post, University of South Florida
  • Almira Ramadani, FAA
  • Tom Reynolds, MIT Lincoln Labratory
  • Midori Tanino, FAA/ATO
  • Craig Wanke, MITRE CAASD
  • Mark Weber, MIT LL
  • Shannon Zelinski, NASA Ames

2023 Venue

Savannah, Georgia, USA