11th Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 2015. ISSN 2406-4068.

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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Environment and energy efficiency
  • Strategic Planning of Efficient Oceanic Flights

    Author: Banavar Sridhar  
  • Fuel and Energy Benchmark Analysis of Continuous Descent Operations

    Authors: Hartmut Fricke , Christian Seiss, Robert Herrmann  
  • A Methodology for Environmental and Energy Assessment of Operational Improvements

    Authors: Akshay Belle , Dominic McConnachie, Philippe Bonnefoy  
  • Towards Climate Optimized Flight Trajectories in a Climate Model: AirTraf

    Authors: hiroshi yamashita , Volker Grewe, Patrick Jöckel, Florian Linke, Martin Schaefer, Daisuke Sasaki  
  • Cruise Fuel Reduction Potential from Altitude and Speed Optimization in Global Airline Operations

    Authors: Luke Jensen , R. John Hansman, Henry Tran  
  • Investigating Benefits from Continuous Climb Operating Concepts in the National Airspace System

    Authors: Dominic McConnachie , Philippe Bonnefoy, Akshay Belle  
Unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft systems
  • Characterizing the Effects of a Vertical Time Threshold for a Class of Well-Clear Definitions

    Authors: Jason Upchurch , Cesar Munoz, Anthony Narkawicz, Maria Consiglio, James Chamberlain, Jason Upchurch  
  • Pilot Evaluation of a UAS Detect-and-Avoid System’s Effectiveness in Remaining Well Clear

    Authors: Confesor Santiago , Eric Mueller  
  • Characteristics of a Well Clear Definition and Alerting Criteria for Encounters between UAS and Manned Aircraft in Class E Airspace

    Authors: Marcus Johnson , Confesor Santiago, Eric Mueller  
  • Interoperability of Horizontal and Vertical Resolution Advisories

    Author: Edward Londner  
  • Metropolis: Relating Airspace Structure and Capacity for Extreme Traffic Densities

    Authors: Emmanuel Sunil , Stefan Kern, Dennis Nieuwenhuisen, Andrija Vidosavljevic, Jacco Hoekstra, Joost Ellerbroek, Frank Bussink  
Finance and Policy
  • Managing European Air Traffic Control Provision

    Authors: Nicole Adler , Eran Hanany, Stef Proost  
Complexity science, analytics and big data for ATM
  • Topological characteristics of air traffic situation

    Author: Hong Yong WANG  
  • Adaptative air traffic network: statistical regularities in air traffic management

    Authors: Gérald Gurtner , Christian Bongiorno, Salvatore Miccichè, Fabrizio Lillo, Rosario Mantegna  
  • Modelling Delay Propagation Trees for Scheduled Flights

    Authors: Carla Ciruelos , Andres Arranz, Izaro Etxebarria, Sara Peces, Bruno Campanelli, Pablo Fleurquin, Victor M. Eguiluz, Jose Javier Ramasco  
Human factors
  • Trawl-Net Technology for Timely Precise Air Traffic Controller Turn-To-Base Commands

    Authors: Oliver Ohneiser , Marco-Michael Temme, Jürgen Rataj  
  • Assistant-Based Speech Recognition for ATM Applications

    Authors: Hartmut Helmke , Jürgen Rataj, Thorsten Mühlhausen, Oliver Ohneiser, Heiko Ehr, Matthias Kleinert, Youssef Oualil, Marc Schulder  
  • The Closed Runway Operation Prevention Device: Applying Automatic Speech Recognition Technology for Aviation Safety

    Authors: Shuo Chen , Hunter Kopald  
  • Statistical analysis of air traffic controllers eye movements

    Authors: Yanjun Wang , Wei Cong, Bin Dong, Fan Wu, Minghua Hu  
Safety and resilience
  • A risk-based framework for assessment of runway incursion events

    Authors: Sybert Stroeve , Pradip Som, Bas van Doorn, Bert Bakker  
  • Risk Analysis Process Tool for Surface Loss of Separation Events

    Author: Eric Chang  
  • Analysis of Impacts an Eruption of Volcano Stromboli could have on European Air Traffic

    Authors: Tanja Luchkova , Ruzica Vujasinovic, Alexander Lau, Michael Schultz  
  • Including Safety during Early Development Phases of Future Air Traffic Management Concepts

    Authors: Harrison Fleming , Nancy Leveson  
  • Identification of critical scenarios of risk: An operational approach

    Author: Karim Mehadhebi  
  • Shift for Safety - An Differential Evolution Approach to Optimize Lateral Airway Offset for Collision Risk Mitigation

    Author: Sameer Alam  
Trajectory and queue management
  • Real-Time Trajectory Predictor Calibration through Extended Projected Profile Down-Link

    Authors: Jesper Bronsvoort , Greg McDonald, Mike Paglione, Christina M. Young, Joachim Hochwarth, Jean Boucquey, Eduardo Gallo  
  • Model for Longitudinal Uncertainty during Controlled Time of Arrival Operations

    Authors: David De Smedt , Jesper Bronsvoort, Greg McDonald  
  • Enabling Performance-Based Navigation Arrivals: Development and Simulation Testing of the Terminal Sequencing and Spacing System

    Authors: John Robinson , Jane Thipphavong, William Johnson  
  • Machine Learning Applied to Airspeed Prediction During Climb

    Authors: Richard Alligier , David Gianazza, Nicolas Durand  
  • Arrival Scheduling with Shortcut Path Options and Mixed Aircraft Performance

    Authors: Shannon Zelinski , Jaewoo Jung  
  • Potential Benefits of Arrival Time Assignment, Dynamic Programming Trajectory Optimization applied to Tokyo International Airport

    Authors: Yoshikazu Miyazawa , Haruki Matsuda, Sadanari Shigetomi, Akinori Harada, Tomoyuki Kozuka, Navinda Wickramasinghe, Mark Brown, Yutaka Fukuda  
  • Conflict pattern analysis under the consideration of optimal trajectories in the European ATM

    Authors: Manuerl Soler , Sergio Ruiz  
  • Predicting Arrival Time Uncertainty from Actual Flight Information

    Authors: Maarten Tielrooij , Clark Borst, René van Paassen, Max Mulder  
ATM performance measurement and management
  • A Framework for Assessing and Managing the Impact of ANSP Actions on Flight Efficiency

    Authors: Jesper Bronsvoort , Paul Zissermann, Steven Barry, Greg McDonald  
  • A Trajectory Optimization Based Analysis of the 3Di Flight Efficiency Metric

    Author: Quintain McEnteggart  
  • A New Method to Validate the Route Extension Metric against Fuel Efficiency

    Authors: Esther Calvo , José Manuel Cordero, Luis D’Alto, Javier López-Leones, Miguel Vilaplana  
  • Predicting Airport Runway Configuration: A Discrete-Choice Modeling Approach

    Authors: Hamsa Balakrishnan , Jacob Avery  
  • Fuel Burn Impacts of Taxi-out Delay and their Implications for Gate-hold Benefits

    Authors: Lu Hao , Lei Kang, Mark Hansen, Megan Ryerson  
Integrated airport/airside operations
  • Management of Time Based Taxi Trajectories coupling Departure and Surface Management Systems

    Authors: Ingrid Gerdes , Meilin Schaper  
  • Optimizing Integrated Arrival, Departure and Surface Operations Under Uncertainty

    Authors: Christabelle Bosson , Min Xue, Shannon Zelinski  
  • Evaluation of Pushback Decision-Support Tool Concept for Charlotte Douglas International Airport Ramp Operations

    Authors: Miwa Hayashi , Ty Hoang, Yoon Jung, Waqar Malik, Hanbong Lee, Victoria Dulchinos  
  • The current practice of separation delivery at major European airports

    Authors: Gerben Van Baren , Catherine Chalon-Morgan, Vincent Treve  
  • Reducing Departure Delays in LaGuardia Airport with Departure-Sensitive Arrival Spacing (DSAS) Operations

    Authors: Paul Lee , Nancy Smith, Jeff Homola, Connie Brasil, Nathan Buckley, Chris Cabrall, Eric Chevalley, Bonny Parke, Hyo-Sang Yoo  
  • Evaluation of Dynamic Departure-Demand Allocation and Runway Balancing

    Author: Adan Vela  
Enhanced surveillance and navigation
  • Combining Advanced-RNP with SBAS Guided Precision Terminal Area Paths and Final Approach Guidance

    Authors: Thomas Dautermann , Robert Geister  
  • Assessing Resilience of Scheduled Performance-Based Navigation Arrival Operations

    Authors: Jae Woo Jung , Savita Verma, Shannon Zelinski, Thomas Kozon, Lindsay Sturre  
  • Validation of the use of GBAS precision approaches for improved runway throughput in poor weather conditions

    Authors: Renée Pelchen-Medwed , Lendina Smaja, Anna Wennerberg  
  • Required Surveillance Performance for reduced minimal-pair arrival separations

    Authors: Alan Groskreutz , Pablo Muñoz Dominguez  
Network and strategic flow optimisation
  • Performance Improvements Through Trajectory Feedback in the Future Collaborative Flight Planning Environment

    Authors: Stephane Mondoloni , Sheng Liu, Daniel Kirk  
  • Designing Traffic Flow Management Strategies Under Uncertainty

    Authors: Christine Taylor , Tudor Masek, Craig Wanke, Sandip Roy  
  • A micro view to en-route delays

    Authors: Seddik Belkoura , Massimiliano Zanin  
  • Large-Scale Network Slot Allocation with Dynamic Time Horizons

    Authors: Alexander Lau , Jan Berling, Florian Linke, Volker Gollnick  
  • Brownian Motion Delay Model for the Integration of Multiple Traffic Management Initiatives

    Authors: Juan Rebolllo , Chris Brinton  
  • Combining Control by CTA and Dynamic Enroute Speed Adjustment to Improve Ground Delay Program Performance

    Authors: Dave Lovell , James Jones, Michael Ball  
  • Investigating the capacity benefit of airborne speed adjustment

    Author: Richard Irvine  
Weather in ATM
  • Dynamic Weather Routes: Two Years of Operational Testing at American Airlines

    Authors: David McNally , Kapil Sheth, Chester Gong, Mike Sterenchuk, Scott Sahlman, Susan Hinton, Chuhan Lee, Fu-Tai Shih  
  • Assessment of a National Airspace System Airborne Rerouting Tool

    Authors: Kapil Sheth , David McNally, Patrick Somersall, Alexander Morando, Alexis Clymer, Fu-Tai Shih  
  • Exploring Wind Information Requirements for Four Dimensional Trajectory-Based Operations

    Authors: Tom Reynolds , Michael McPartland, Thomas Teller, Seth Troxel  
  • Does ATM Need Centralized Coordination? Autonomous Conflict Resolution Analysis in a Constrained Speed Environment.

    Authors: Nicolas Durand , Barnier Nicolas  
  • A Simple Wake Vortex Encounter Severity Metric

    Authors: Ivan De Visscher , Grégoire Winckelmans, Vincent Treve  
  • The Effectiveness of a Route Crossing Tool in a Simulated New York Airspace

    Authors: Bonny Parke , Eric Chevalley, Nancy Bienert, Paul Lee, Kari Gonter, Faisal Omar, Joshua Kraut, Hyo-Sang Yoo, Abhay Borade, Conrad Gabriel, Daphne Rein-Weston, Everett Palmer  
  • A Flexible Framework for Solving the Air Conflict Detection and Resolution Problem using Maximum Cliques in a Graph

    Authors: Thibault Lehouillier , Jeremy Omer, François Soumis, Guy Desaulniers  
  • Autonomous Air Traffic Control for Non-Towered Airports

    Authors: Zouhair Mahboubi , Mykel Kochenderfer  
Air-ground integrated concepts
  • Computational Assessment of Different Air-Ground Function Allocations

    Authors: Martijn IJtsma , Raunak Bhattacharyya, Amy Pritchett, Jacco Hoekstra  
Finance and policy
  • Air Traffic Control Regulation in a Union Bargaining Model Setting

    Authors: Eef Delhaye , Stef Proost, Amihai Glazer, Thomas Blondiau  
  • European route choice determinants

    Author: Luiss Delgado  
  • Delay propagation – new metrics, new insights

    Authors: Andrew Cook , Graham Tanner, Samuel Cristóbal, Massimiliano Zanin  
  • Pricing to reconcile predictability, efficiency and equity in ATM

    Author: Radosav Jovanovic  
Globally interoperable systems and data
  • Air Transportation and Multimodal, Collaborative Decision Making during Adverse Events

    Authors: aude Marzuoli , Antony Evans, Isabelle Laplace, Eric Feron, Lynnette Dray