5th Seminar Papers

All papers and presentations can be downloaded and distributed free of charge. Please use the following publication reference: FAA/EUROCONTROL (Editors): Proceedings of the USA/FAA Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 2003. ISSN 2406-4068.

Note: All seminar content is provided on Google Drive.
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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

  • Arrival/Departure Capacity Tradeoff Optimization: A Case Study At The St. Louis Lambert International Airport (Stl)

    Author: Eugene Gilbo  
  • An Aggregate Dynamic Stochastic Model For An Air Traffic System

    Author: Banavar Sridhar  
  • Potential Benefits Of A Time-Based Separation Procedure To Maintain The Arrival Capacity Of An Airport In Strong Head-Wind Conditions

    Authors: Elsa Freville, Jean-Pierre Nicolaon, Antoine Vidal, Peter Crick  
  • Measurement And Prediction Of Dynamic Density

    Authors: Parimal Kopardekar, Sherri Magyarits  
  • Airborne Separation Assurance Validation With Multiple Humans-In-The-Loop

    Authors: Jacco Hoekstra, Jaap Groeneweg, Ronald van  
  • Atm System Status Analysis Methodology

    Authors: Luis Negrete, Alvaro Urech, Francisco Saez  
  • Data Processing Techniques For Conflict Detection On Airport Surface

    Authors: Jesus Garcia, Juan A, Gonzalo de, Javier I  
  • Regaining Lost Separation In A Piloted Simulation Of Autonomous Aircraft Operations

    Authors: Richard Barhydt, Todd Eischeid, Michael Palmer, David Wing  
  • Improving Trajectory Forecasting Through Adaptive Filtering Techniques

    Authors: Stephane Mondoloni, Diana Liang  
  • Free Flight Program Update

    Authors: Joseph Post, David Knorr  
  • Airborne Conflict Management Within Confined Airspace In A Piloted Simulation Of Dag-Tm Autonomous Aircraft Operations

    Authors: Bryan Barmore, Edward Johnson, David Wing, Richard Barhydt  
  • Analysis Of Terminal Separation Standards And Radar Performance

    Author: Steven Bussolari  
  • Human-In-The-Loop Evaluation Of A Multi-Strategy Traffic Management Decision Support Capability

    Authors: Craig Wanke, Norma Taber, Shane Miller, Celesta Ball, Lynne Fellman  
  • Estimating The En Route Efficiency Benefits Pool

    Authors: Daniel Howell, Michael Bennett, James Bonn, Dave Knorr  
  • A General Approach To Equity In Traffic Flow Management And Its Application To Mitigating Exemption Bias In Ground Delay Programs

    Authors: Michael Ball, Thomas Vossen, Robert Hoffman, Mike Wambsganss  
  • Initial Evaluation Of Uret Enhancements To Support Tfm Flow Initiatives, Severe Weather Avoidance And Cpdlc

    Authors: Daniel Kirk, Richard Bolczak  
  • The Big Iron

    Authors: Almira Williams, Stephane Mondoloni, Diana Liang, Steve Bradford, Richard Jehlen  
  • Real-Time Conflict-Free Trajectory Optimization

    Author: Matthew Jardin  
  • Standardizing Performance Metrics

    Authors: Tamara Breunig, Steve Bradford, Diana Liang  
  • Air Traffic Control Command Monitoring System Based On Information Integration

    Authors: Zhengping Ma, Peng Cheng, Deguang Cui  
  • A Traffic Complexity Approach Through Cluster Analysis

    Authors: Nicolas Durand, Giraud Granger  
  • Faa Operational Concept Validation - High Altitude Airspace Analysis

    Authors: ian crook, Diana Liang  
  • A Medieval Tryptich, Cameos And Books: Innovative Concepts For Future Atm Scenarios

    Authors: Patrizia Marti, Claudio Moderini  
  • Aircraft Performance Modeling For Air Traffic Management Applications

    Authors: Alexander Suchkov, Angela Nuic, Sipke Swierstra  
  • Pilot Interactions In An Over-Constrained Conflict Scenario As Studied In A Piloted Simulation Of Autonomous Aircraft Operations

    Authors: David Wing, Karthik Krishnamurthy, Richard Barhydt, Bryan Barmore  
  • Safety Culture In Air Traffic Management: Air Traffic Control

    Authors: Esa Ek, Roland Akselsson, Marcus Arvidsson, Curt R, Billy Josefsson  
  • Air Traffic Complexity Indicators&Atc Sectors Classification

    Authors: Raphakl Christien, Azzedine Benkouar  
  • Predictability And Uncertainty In Air Traffic Flow Management

    Authors: Leonard Wojcik, Kristine Mills, Joshua Pepper  
  • Spectral Analysis Of Airport Capacity And Delay

    Authors: Jerry Welch, Shafique Ahmed  
  • Presenting Uncertainty To Controllers And Pilots

    Authors: David Nicholls, Paolo Battino, Patrizia Marti, Simone Pozzi  
  • Flight Movement Inventory: Sage-Aero2K

    Authors: Sophie Michot, Ted Elliff, Brian Kim, Gregg Fleming  
  • Limited Dynamic Re-Routing

    Authors: Carolyn Sorensen, Diana Liang, Ian Crook  
  • The Impact Of Aircraft Intent Information And Traffic Separation Assurance Responsibility

    Authors: Rob Ruigrok, Mario Valenti  
  • Flight Evaluation Of A Time-Based Airborne Inter-Arrival Spacing Tool

    Authors: Gary W., Rosa Oseguera-Lohr, Terence Abbott, William Capron  
  • Investigation Of Enroute Metrics For Model Validation And Airspace Design Using Taam

    Authors: George Donohue, Arash Yousefi, Khurram Qureshi  
  • Common Trajectory Prediction Capability For Decision Support Tools

    Authors: Sip Swierstra, Steve Green  
  • Proposal For Demand Management Using Auction-Based Arrival Slot Allocation

    Authors: George Donohue, Loan Le, Sanaa Kholfi, Chun-Hung Chen  
  • Multi-Agent Situation Awareness Error Evolution In Accident Risk Modelling

    Authors: Sybert Stroeve, Henk Blom, Marco Van  
  • Handling Cfmu Slots In Busy Airports

    Author: Jean-Baptiste Gotteland  
  • Capacity Enhancements In Imc For Airports With Converging Configurations With Knowledge Of Aircraft'S Expected Final Approach Speeds: A Case Study

    Authors: Art Smith, Anand Mundra, David Domino, Ahmed El-Sahragty, John Helleberg  
  • Optimized Sectorization Of Airspace With Constraints

    Authors: Huy TranDac, Philippe Baptiste, Vu Duong  
  • Route Selection Decision Support In Convective Weather: A Case Study Of The Effects Of Weather And Operational Assumptions On Departure Throughput

    Authors: Rich DeLaura, Shawn Allan  
  • Results From The Initial Surface Management System Field Tests

    Authors: Stephen Atkins, Christopher Brinton, Deborah Walton, Kenneth Arkind, Peter Moertl  
  • Target Miss Distance To Achieve A Required Probability Of Conflict

    Author: Richard Irvine  
  • Reducing Severe Weather Delays In Congested Airspace With Weather Decision Support For Tactical Air Traffic Management

    Authors: James Evans, Michael Robinson, Bradley Crowe, Diana Klingle-Wilson, Shawn Allan  
  • Analysis Of Constant Time Delay Airborne Spacing Between Aircraft Of Mixed Types In Varying Wind Conditions

    Authors: Dan Ivanescu, Eric Hoffman, Chris Shaw, Karim Zeghal  
  • Airline Schedule Recovery In Collaborative Flow Management With Airport And Airspace Capacity Constraints

    Authors: Matthew Berge, Craig Hopperstad, Aslaug Haraldsdottir  
  • Emergence Of Regional Jets And The Implications On Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Aleksandra Mozdzanowska, Jonathan Histon, R. John, Daniel Delahaye  
  • Commercial Aviation Accidents Before And During The Alaska Capstone Implementation Of Ads-B, Fis-B, Terrain Situational Awareness, And Expanded Ifr In

    Author: Worth Kirkman  
  • A Phased Approach To Increase Airport Capacity Through Safe Reduction Of Existing Wake Turbulence Constraints

    Authors: Wayne Cooper, Steven Lang, Anand Mundra, Clark Lunsford, Jeffrey Tittsworth  
  • Dynamic Density And Complexity Metrics For Realtime Traffic Flow Management

    Authors: Anthony Masalonis, Michael Callaham, Craig Wanke  
  • Measurements Of Aircraft Wake Vortex Separation At High Arrival Rates And A Proposed New Wake Vortex Separation Philosophy

    Authors: David Rutishauser, George Donohue, Rudolph Haynie  
  • Validation Of The Janus Technique: Causal Factors Of Human Error In Operational Incidents

    Authors: Julia Pounds, Anne Isaac  
  • Using Historical Flight Data To Evaluate Airborne Demand, Delay And Traffic Flow Control

    Authors: Michael Brennan, Terence Thompson, Steve Bradford, Diana Liang  
  • Use Of Generalized Activity Network Models For Analysis Of European Atm Development Projects

    Authors: Peter Kostiuk, Patrick Ky, Scott Houser  
  • A Linear Programming Approach For Route And Level Flight Assignment

    Authors: Dritan Nace, Jacques Carlier, Nhat Linh, Vu Duong  
  • Investigating Fundamental Issues In Lateral Conformance Monitoring Using A Fault Detection Approach

    Authors: Tom Reynolds, John Hansman, Hong Li  
  • Trajectory-Oriented Time-Based Arrival Operations: Results And Recommendations

    Authors: Thomas Prevot, Everett Palmer, Paul Lee, Todd Callantine, Nancy Smith  
  • Free Maneuvering, Trajectory Negotiation, And Self-Spacing Concepts In Distributed Air-Ground Traffic Management

    Authors: Paul Lee, Nancy Smith, Joey Mercer, Vernol Battiste, Walter Johnson  
  • Multi-Aircraft Routing And Traffic Flow Management Under Uncertainty

    Authors: Arnab Nilim, Laurent El, Vu Duong  
  • Aircraft Relative Guidance: A Flatness Synthesis Of A New Autopilot Mode

    Authors: Thierry MIQUEL, Jean LEVINE, Felix MORA-CAMINO  
  • Nas Genomics: New Techniques And Initial Results For System-Level Understanding Of Nas Behavior

    Authors: Terence Thompson, Mark Klopfenstein, James Wetherly  
  • Information Support For Air Traffic Management In The Supersector

    Author: Kevin Corker  
  • Operational Concepts For Supersector

    Authors: Gilles GAWINOWSKI, Jean-Yves GRAU, Didier Dohy, Laurent GUICHARD, Jean NOBEL  
  • Terminal-Area Throughput: Measuring Capacity And Robustness

    Authors: Terence Thompson, Steve Bradford, Diana Liang, Michael Brennan  
  • Air Traffic Complexity Based On Non Linear Dynamical Systems

    Authors: Stiphane PUECHMOREL, Daniel DELAHAYE  
  • Implementing Regulation Authorities And Safety Regulations In European Atm: A Sociological Perspective

    Author: Christine Fassert  
  • Absolute Versus Relative Navigation: Theoretical Considerations From An Atm Perspective

    Authors: Eric Hoffman, Robert Graham, Christian Pusch, Karim Zeghal  
  • Boeing Capacity Increasing Atm Concept For 2020

    Authors: Aslaug Haraldsdottir, Ewald G., Robert W., Marissa K., Alvin H.  
  • Statistic Analysis Of The Aeronautical And Air Traffic Students Education At The Faculty Of Transport And Traffic Engineering, University Of Zagreb

    Author: Jelena Bistrica  
  • A Vision Of Wake Vortex Research For Next 20 Years

    Author: Peter Choroba  
  • Air-Rail Inter-Modality From Passenger Perspective

    Author: Antonia Cokasova  
  • Evaluating The Performance Of Air Traffic Control Centres

    Author: Marta Omero  
  • Structuring Of Coordination Parameters At Airports

    Author: Franziska Meier  
Human Factors
  • Innovative Requirements Engineering Applied To Atm

    Authors: Neil Maiden, Mary Flynn, Sara Jones  
  • The Impact Of Voice, Data Link, And Mixed Air Traffic Control Environments On Flight Deck Procedures

    Authors: Sandra Lozito, Lynne Martin, Melisa Dunbar, Alison McGann, Savita Verma  
  • Following The Paper Trail: Design Clues From Paper Flight Strips

    Authors: Frank Durso, Carol Manning  
  • A Human Factors Perspective On Free Routing And Airborne Separation Assurance In The Mediterranean Airspace

    Authors: Elisabeth Modin, Dirk Schdfer  
  • Relationships Between Measures Of Air Traffic Controller Voice Communications, Taskload, And Traffic Complexity

    Authors: Carol Manning, Cynthia Fox, Elaine Pfleiderer  
  • Impact Of Operating Context On The Use Of Structure In Air Traffic Control Cognitive Processes

    Authors: Hayley Davison, Jonathan Histon, Margret Dora, R. John